Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been in a show choir—is this camp for me?
Absolutely!  Our clinicians have each worked with students who have little or no show choir background in camp settings. One of our goals as a camp is to help grow the popularity of show choir—introducing the genre to a whole new group of students is the perfect opportunity!  Everyone is welcome!
I am in the varsity show choir at my high school and we compete nationally—is this camp for me?
Absolutely!  If you are accustomed to performing at a high level, our camp will challenge you to be your very best and provide you an opportunity to refine your talent. The time from the end of the show choir season to the beginning of the next can be quite long—our camp will help you stay sharp so you can shine in your outstanding high school ensemble.
The "Week-at-a-Glance" schedule seems pretty full—will I have any time to relax?
Our clinicians are expert teachers who have years of experience working with high school students. They will lead you through the week with plenty of “down time” to allow bodies and minds to achieve maximum potential by the end of the week. Regular meals, social activities, and evening time in the dorms will allow you to make friendships that will last a lifetime!
I heard there is a talent show—should I prepare something to sing or dance?
Absolutely!  The camp talent show will be held on Thursday evening in Bjorling Recital Hall. All students are encouraged to prepare a vocal solo or solo dance piece for consideration. Auditions for the talent show will be held on Tuesday. Karaoke-style accompaniment recordings are welcome or an accompanist will be provided.
What is the deal with food at camp? Oh... and can I bring food with me?
Gustavus Dining Service is ranked #8 in the nation and offers a huge number of delicious and nutritional meal options. Yes, you can bring food with you, but please limit the food to nonperishable items that do not require refrigeration. You may wish to bring granola bars and sports drinks with you to rehearsals.  We will have a "Camp Store" in the dorm for bedtime snacks.
Does the camp accommodate students with medical challenges or dietary restrictions?
Yes! Our clinicians have experience working with students with health challenges, including diabetes, asthma, allergies and the like. Gluten free or other special diets are easy to achieve. The Gustavus Dining Service offers a wide range of food choices with specific labels. Specific food concerns can be communicated to Margi Willmert in the dining service.  Her email is: or her phone is 507-933-6245.
Will I have internet access in my dorm room?
Yes! Wi-Fi is available in the dorms. You may sign in as a guest of Gustavus for no charge. Also, computers with free Internet access are available in the student union just below the Gustavus Market Place.