Mission of JRSSI

Junior Summer Speech Institute

Focus On The Process

We focus on the process required to achieve excellence. While the goal is for you to learn the nuances of your primary event area, our aim is to teach you the process required to compete at an elite level. You will learn to set preparation goals vs. result oriented goals, and we encourage you to commit to the process required of a champion, not the championship itself.

Evaluate Success

We believe one must evaluate success equal to that of failure. Committing to this philosophy will ensure that competitive excellence remains at the center of your winning philosophy. Competitive excellence is about maximizing your potential as a competitor.

Embrace Competition

Speech is educational and competitive. Students often talk badly about other competitors. This runs counter to achieving competitive excellence. How can you maximize your potential without competition? Competition is the bait that gets you to accomplish feats that you do not think are possible. You ought to be thanking your competition at tournaments.

Believe In The Art You Produce

Too often, students to think they need to do something extra special to compete with the best in the nation. We focus on a psychological process that enables you to reach peak performance by getting you to believe in the art you produce!

Passion and Pride

Our coaching staff is passionate about speech and our energy is infectious. You will witness this during every lecture and individual coaching session. We challenge you to match our energy and pride!