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Today Today–Oct 25

Friday, October 19

noon to 12:30 pm
WE Fitness Class - TRX with Troy · Come join Troy for this popular strength class. TRX is…
Lund 2nd Floor-TRX Room

Saturday, October 20

Sunday, October 21

Monday, October 22

Tuesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 24

11:40 am to 12:20 pm
WE Fitness Class-Yoga with Kelly · Come join Kelly for some yoga. Relax your mind and your…
Lund 224 (Aerobics Room)
12:401:20 pm
WE Fitness Class - Pyramid with Laurie · A great overall workout with this combination…
Lund 224 (Aerobics Room)

Thursday, October 25

66:40 am
WE Fitness Class - Yoga with Brenda · Wake up early and start your day out with a great…
Lund 224 (Aerobics Room)
12:401:20 pm
WE Fitness Class-Cardio Strength · A cardio workout to keep your workouts fresh, as well…
Lund 224 (Aerobics Room)
Today Today–Oct 25