Announcement: President's Art Prize

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The President's Art Prize was created to bring visibility to exceptional art work made by students at Gustavus. The work selected for this prize will be showcased in the President's home for one year. While on exhibition your work will be seen by a diverse set of individuals from our community and stakeholders working to ensure innovation and continual growth at Gustavus. Showcasing your work in the President's home will enable these constituencies the ability to view, discuss, and better recognize the accomplishments made by students in our department. In addition to receiving recognition for the quality and creativity of your work a $200 cash award will be given to two (2) artists who are awarded the prize.

Details for artists:

  • President's Art Prize is an art competition open to any student who has taken an art class during the artist registration period. Art work must be submitted digitally in JPEG format, each image approximately 1MG and emailed to Professor Lowe by March 6.

Eligible artwork may:

  • Art work made by an individual artist or a team.

  • Art work that is categorized as 2d or 3d.

  • Art work that is a single piece, a series, an installation with multiple components, or any other output that can be exhibited in the president's dining room.

  • Be any size, provided it fits in the president's dining room.

  • Have a designated title.

  • Be ready for installation by the deadline for delivery to the president's home.

  • Is wholly owned by the artist or team of artists.

  • The art work submitted is accompanied by an artist statement of intent.

  • Student must submit a minimum of 5 art works and a maximum of 10 can be submitted for Jury.

Each artist entry must be placed in one of two categories. These categories have a direct effect on the entry's eligibility for the prize.

Category definitions

A: 2d - entries that exists primarily on a flat plane. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and most textiles are examples of 2-d work.

B: 3d - entries that occupy space and are intended to be viewed from multiple angles. Sculptures that are not site-specific belong in the 3-d category.

The artist's selection of a category is subject to review by department faculty. The President's Art Prize jurors (department faculty) maintain the right to make the final determination of the category of each entry, to ensure that the definitions of the categories are being interpreted consistently. If we feel that an entry could work in more than one category, we'll defer to the artist's selection.

PostedApr 17, 2019