Oedipus in Jail, a staged reading of a new play by Julian Armistead and Michael Crowley

March 3, 2016 at 34:30 pm[1h 30m]
The Dive

Oedipus in Jail, a staged reading of a new play by Julian Armistead and Michael Crowley The Dive

Amy Seham (Theatre and Dance) and Eric Dugdale (Classics) host a staged reading by Gustavus students of Oedipus in Jail, a new play by Julian Armitstead and Michael Crowley, two British playwrights whose work in prisons inspires this critical look at the justice system. The playwrights will participate via live video link in a talkback afterwards.

About the playwrights:

Julian Armitstead is a teacher, story-teller and playwright. His After the Accident won Amnesty International's playwriting competition. He has written a version of Sophocles' Philoctetes titled The Angry Wounds that explores the treatment of war veterans. Oedipus in Jail was developed with serving prisoners in two UK prisons.

Michael Crowley is a prize-winning poet and playwright and teaches creative writing. He has written a prison drama titled The Cell and a book titled Behind the Lines: Creative Writing with Offenders and People at Risk. He writes a blog on the role of art in the rehabilitation of offenders (http://crowleyoncrimeandculture.com/)

"When seeing is too painful, how do you close your eyes?"

"What, you think because I'm banged up in here I don't care what you're doing? Oh, I cared. You know what the problem is, Jase? We can't choose our fathers. e/span>

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