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Description As a result of a campus-wide internal communication survey conducted last spring, the Office of Marketing and Public Relations, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology, today launches a revamped Gustavus-L and a slightly revamped College Calendar site, both of which will accommodate announcements and events. Gustavus-L will be separated into announcements (like tickets on sale now for next week's play or intramural sign up for next semester is during the next 12 days) and events. The text of each item on Gustavus-L is shorter in length, with a clickable link to more information. Individuals may submit items using an Announcements Form for announcements or an Events Form for events, both available on the College Calendar homepage (

Announcements and events may also be viewed by clicking on either choice on the College Calendar site.

Here are some tips for submitting items:
For a submission to be an event, it must have a specific time, date, and place. If a submission does not have a time, date, and place, then submit it as an announcement. For example, the Men's Basketball game at St. Olaf is an event, but reservations for the Fan Bus to the game is an announcement. Or, the performance of the musical Carousel is an event, but information about tryouts for the musical is an announcement.

The news and information staff in the Office of Marketing and Publications moderates the list and reserves the right to edit or deny submitted items. If questions, call 933-6213.
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PostedApr 17, 2019