Announcement: Insects in the Arboretum


They jump high, fly far, and perform amazing feats of strength. Sometimes we love ˜em and sometimes we hate ˜em. Come see some examples of amazing insects up close and learn all about what makes an insect an insect, and why we could never survive without this amazing (and huge) group of animals. We'll do some exploring (weather permitting) and teach you how to identify some common backyard insects (dress to get dirty). Great program for families of kids ages 4 and older.

Registration required by calling the program hotline at 507-933-6184 no later than Fri., May 10, 2013. Free for members. Free-will donation asked of non-members.

Located at the Linnaeus Arboretum Interpretive Center. Event time: 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

PostedApr 17, 2019