Announcement: Harassment Advisors, Grievance Officers and Sexual Misconduct Investigators Needed

We are in the process of recruiting staff and faculty to serve in employee or student investigations for sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. Positions for which we are recruiting include Harassment Grievance Officers and Advisors.


Harassment Grievance Officers conduct investigations of alleged discrimination and/or harassment  whether brought against faculty members, staff members, or students and issue findings of fact and recommendations for disposition of  complaints according to Section 5 of the Gustavus Adolphus College  Policy Against Harassment and Sexual Harassment.


Harassment Advisors hear complaints regarding harassment and/or sexual harassment, speak with the complaining party to discuss any necessary interim accommodations and process the case according to Section 5 of the Gustavus Adolphus College Policy Against Harassment and Sexual Harassment.


Investigators of Student Sexual Misconduct meet with all parties in a sexual misconduct case, create a report of their findings and assist with adjudication of the complaint. It is expected that staff involved with this effort would be involved in one or two cases in a given academic year and the time commitment would be on the order of 10 to 12 hours over a two-week period.


We are seeking employees with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy as well as a strong sense of confidentiality to serve in this role. All positions will receive training in the early Fall.


After consultation with your supervisor or chair, please contact Kirk Beyer, x6075, Paula O'Loughlin, x7541, or Steve Bennett x7526 to discuss your interest. 


For more information on the policies, go to:

Policy Against Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Or, go to:

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

ContactNadine Haukoos — 507-933-7304
PostedJune 1219, 2013