Announcement: Gustavus Complement Advocacy Impact Reflection (CAIR) Session 2023 - Spotlighting Building Bridges: Unseen Passages: Refugees and the Collective Fight for Vitality! Conference on March 4 and CAIR Session on March 6, 3:30-8:00 PM

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Gustavus Complement Advocacy Impact Reflection (CAIR) Session

Building Bridges All-Day Conference is Saturday March 3, 2023.
CAIR Session is Monday March 6, 2023, 3:30-8:00 PM (Saint Peter Room).
CAIR Session 2023 expands upon the 28th annual Building Bridges Conference: Unseen Passages: Refugees and the Collective Fight for Vitality.
The Gustavus CAIR Session is a workshop series hosted by the Department of Sociology & Anthropology.

Gustavus CAIR Session was developed and organized by Dr. Lai Sze Tso. Please contact Dr. Tso ( if you have questions or would like more information.

CAIR Session workshops are free and open to the public.

A CAIR Session spotlights and amplifies the impact of innovative activism to address pressing issues in society.  Using a collaborative approach to teaching, public service, and vocation, CAIR connects college-and-community by highlighting resources, learning activities, healthy well-being, and volunteer service/ internships /career opportunities. Discussions are designed to strengthen community-building synergies.  Engaging students, staff, faculty, alumni, social services, and community partners, for feedback, CAIR identifies and compiles resources into a digital CAIR Action Planning Booklet. Preview or contribute to this booklet:  At the start of the CAIR Session, these materials will be publicly available online to "show the world" the myriad ways Gusties contribute to diverse communities in Minnesota and beyond. 

Saturday: March 4 2023 Activities (Tickets
   9:30 am    Opening Remarks / Acapella Group Performance - Alumni Hall
   10:00 am   Keynote / Q&A: Alicia Vasquez-Crede - Alumni Hall
   11:00 am   Lunch - Jackson Campus Center Banquet Rooms
   12:15 pm   Keynote / Q&A: Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay - Alumni Hall
   1:30 pm     Workshops / Action Piece Interactive Walkthrough Session 1- Beck Hall
   2:30 pm     Workshops / Action Piece Interactive Walkthrough Session 2- Beck Hall
   3:30 pm     Workshops / Action Piece Interactive Walkthrough Session 3- Beck Hall
   4:30 pm     Transition Time
   4:45 pm     Student Performance and Closing Remarks- Alumni Hall

Monday: March 6 2023 Activities (Saint Peters Room, Free)
  3:30-5:20 pm  CAIR Panel-Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota-Refugee Services
                             * Hybrid Zoom & In-Person with Outreach Team / Q&A
                                 Featured Speaker: Karin Blythe, Senior Director of Refugee Services
                                 Featured Speaker: Lynn Mullin, Volunteer Program Coordinator
  5:30-6:20 pm   Coffee & Tea with Students: “Healing” Led by Chaplains’ Office
  6:30-8:00 pm   CAIR Workshop: Topics for Community-Building Together
                             Dialogue & Discussion for Participatory Action Planning
                              * Educational, Pedagogy, and Teaching Activities & Resources
                              * Public Health, Health Professions, and Community Well-being
                              * Refugees as Employers and Employees in Minnesota Economy
                              * Volunteer Service, Internships, Careers, & Vocations to Support Refugees
                              * DEIB Efforts , Collective Resources, and Gustavus Steps Forward

Gustavus CAIR Session 2023 is supported by co-sponsors and community partners. CAIR Session appreciates support from Gustavus Building Bridges; Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (GWSS); Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies (PJCS); Department of Nursing; the Scandinavian Studies Department; Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies (LALACS); Center for Career Development; the Chaplains' Office; and the Office of the Provost. CAIR Session would also like to acknowledge Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society. We are deeply appreciative of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota for sharing their programs, insights, and experiences in supporting Refugees families and communities.  CAIR Session welcomes engagement with students interested in research activities via Alpha Kappa Delta and participants of First Forward, the First Generation Gustie Network.

PostedFeb 24, 2023