Announcement: Earn over $80 towards your Wellbeing!! Support "ME" with WE is back for the second annual Speaker Series.


Come join Wellbeing for Employees to...
Support "ME" with WE

Earn over $80 towards your Wellbeing!!

Support "ME" with WE is back for the second annual Speaker Series. Attend three different speaker series on Fridays in October & November. These sessions will be held in various places in the Jackson Campus Center from 1:30-2:30pm and are completely free for employees and will include a free wellness gift every week along with a healthy snack.

The three sessions include:

1. October 28, 2016: Spirituality and Wellbeing

  • Dive deeper into your Spirituality and Wellbeing with Gustavus' very own Chaplin Brian Konkol. Spiritual Wellbeing is the discovery and celebration of the deep connections and realities in life. It includes the exploration of values, beliefs, and practices that provide meaning and direction, as well as a respect for the diverse spiritual paths of others. This session will introduce a number of guiding principles and practices to help participants in their life journey of Spiritual Wellbeing.
  • Location: Jackson Campus Center, President's Dining Room

2. November 4, 2016: Mental Relaxation

  • Join Bhante Sathi, a practicing monk from Sri Lanka, who will guide us through breathing meditation techniques aimed at acquiring a level of introspection by recognizing patterns of thought and challenging us to leave all our stressors and obligations behind for an hour.
  • Location: Jackson Campus Center, Konferensrum Room

3. November 11, 2016: Delicious and Nutritious Tailgating and Home Recipes

  • Football season is officially here! Heidi Selzler-Bahr, a Certified Profile Coach will be here to have you taste some great appetizers that won't make you feel guilty.
  • Take those common, high calorie "comfort foods" and make them healthier without losing the great taste. Samples will be provided as well as recipes so you can try them at home.
  • Location: Jackson Campus Center, Heritage Room

**Remember, you could receive over $80 of gifts if you attend ALL three-speaker sessions including a
$25 St. Peter Food Co-Op gift-card**

Please pre-register for each speaker series to ensure that you will receive a free gift. If you do not pre-register you CAN still come. All are welcome.

To register click on the link below:
Registration for Employee Speaker Series<

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