Denis Crnkovic Retirement Party

May 11 at 14 p.m.

TimeMay 11 at 14 p.m.

Well, it's finally happened. Denis (aka Prof. / Dr. Crnkovic) has gotten old enough to retire. (Yes, retire. Are you old enough to remember when his beard was black? And he had hair?)

In any case, we've decided that he needs a party, or a final Russian Tea (You probably remember the Teas and Dinners if you lived in the Russian House - a tornado casualty - or came after the year 2000 when we got the samovar, or publicly presented a senior paper for him, etc.). So, set aside some time on Saturday, May 11th to stop by and chat with the Gustavus Russian & Eastern European alumni and have some Russian tea, zakuski, and goodies and reminisce about how you never had to do much homework for the crazy Russian guy, but how he wouldn't change your grade if you asked him to, or ever have class outside. Oh, yes, and to wish D.C. a great time doing nothing in his retirement except explaining genitive plurals to unsuspecting geezers at the old folks' home (or galavanting around central and eastern Europe as a Smithsonian tour expert).

We'll be in the Phi Beta Kappa Room on the ground floor of Vickner Hall from 1 - 4 p.m. There will be blinys and zakuski and maybe even kvass. And, if we're lucky, specially printed coasters.

'Course we need a head count so please reply to this email and let us know if

a. you'll definitely be there
b. you might be there
c. you won't be there
d. you can't remember who Denis Crnkovic is

You can send an rsvp to

PostedApr 17, 2019
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