Breakfast Presentation to United Health Care/Optum Employees

March 2, 2018 at 89:30 am[1h 30m]
Optum/United Health Eden Prairie

Breakfast Presentation to United Health Care/Optum Employees Optum/United Health Eden Prairie

"Infertility Choices from the Patient Perspective" by Dr. Alison Murdoch

Infertility was considered for many years to be a life choice issue but it is now accepted generally that failure to conceive is one of life's most stressful events. This talk will cover the consequences for patients both of the infertility and the choices that they required to make.

Specific attendance will be addressed to some of the questions they need to ask;

  • When to start fertility investigation?
  • Is IVF a first line treatment?
  • How many embryos should we have transferred?
  • Should we have PGD?
  • Do we freeze embryos?
  • When do we stop trying?
ContactMarissa Haeny '16 — 507-933-6520
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