Book Mark End of Semester Tidbits

December 12, 2013
Book Mark

Book Mark End of Semester Tidbits Book Mark

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Hey Gusties! Here are some End of Semester Book Mark Tidbits……..

Done with your rental book? Return it  ANY TIME now through 12/20.    
Book Mark Rentals have a DO NOT REMOVE sticker on the back. Let us know if you have any questions on your books.

Love your rental and want to keep it?  You can pay the difference between renting and purchasing through Friday, Dec. 13 (THIS FRIDAY). 

J-Term books are now available in the store. Want to order through our website? You can! J term books available Friday 12/13 online at

Sell your books back – starting on Reading Day – Thursday, 12/20. 8:30am-5pm

Gus Bucks and Buyback Prize Coupons………arriving at a PO near you this Friday! Don't miss out! 

As always, THANK YOU for shopping at the BOOK MARK!

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