Teachers Talking

Banquet Room C - St. Peter Banquet Room

Teachers Talking Banquet Room C - St. Peter Banquet Room

Supporting Student Engagement with Challenging Classroom Topics
Topics in our curriculum are intended to challenge students to think carefully about how the world works and how we work in our world. Students may feel uncomfortable or angry when discussing topics such as evolution, homosexuality, and the use of stem cells in the classroom as a result of their personal religious or moral values and background. In this Teachers Talking session, we will explore strategies for helping students discuss controversial topics in constructive ways. Facilitated by Sarah Ruble (Religion), Kate Knutson (Political Science), and Julie Bartley (Geology).  Sessions at 11:30 and 12:30, free lunch at buffet, then meet in St Peter Room.

ContactCathryn Blaukat — 507-933-6227
SponsorJohn S Kendall Center for Engaged Learning