Announcement: 2021 Star Gifts

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The Chaplains' Office is offering Star Gifts to celebrate the Christian season of Epiphany*. A Star Gift is simple. It is one word written on a star, selected randomly for you! The word may serve as an intention or focus throughout the new year. You may place it in a random spot or in a prominent place to speak to you throughout the year. If you would like a Star Gift drawn for you, you can DM our office on Social Media @gac_chaplains or email Chaplain Maggie at Please note: The Words drawn are not exclusively Christian and you are welcome to receive a Star Gift regardless of your spiritual or religious tradition(s). 

May your new year be filled with unexpected beauty, grace, and intention.

**Epiphany celebrates the travel of the Magi to visit newborn Jesus. It is marked by themes of revelation and witnessing God's unexpected work in the world. 

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PostedJan 05, 2021