Announcement: 2016 MAYDAY! Peace Conference - Divestment: A Tool for Peace?


Divestment is the intentional removal of stocks, bonds or funds from certain sectors or companies on the basis of moral or ethical principles. As the opposite of investment, divestment was first employed in the 1980's to pressure the government of South Africa into abolishing its policy of apartheid.

The 2016 MAYDAY Peace Conference will consider whether or not divestment is an effective tool for building peace. Through a diversity of speakers, we will examine past divestment initiatives and current strategies, investigate the impact of power structures, and explore the complexity and commitments surrounding the ongoing debates. This conference will probe the morality and mechanics of divestment in order to inspire effective action for building peace.

Community members interested in working with the planning committee or who have ideas on possible speakers are invited to attend the next meeting in Beck 144 on Tuesday, November 3 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.