Announcement: 2011 Nobel Conference Meeting


All interested parties are invited to a discussion of the 2011 Nobel Conference on Wednesday, March 17, in Nobel 224 (Biology Library) from 4 until 5:30 p.m. The braiding of neuroscience with the humanities, arts, social sciences, theology, and engineering has empowered explanations of the motivations and operations of our daily activities. This insight engenders uncertainty of how to best apply this knowledge responsibly and ethically and perhaps, is even challenging the distinctiveness of our own species. Nobel 47 conference is a recognition that the time has come to bring together the leading minds and to engage them in conversations about where this frontier of science takes us. If you cannot join us, but are interested in the topic or have suggestions, please contact Chuck Niederriter (, Garrett Paul (, Scott Bur (, Mark Kruger (, or Mike Ferragamo (