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Today Oct 27 to Nov 2

Tuesday, October 27

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Oct 2427
Reading Day · No classes will be held today. · Gustavus Campus
Gustavus Campus

Wednesday, October 28

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79 pm
Volleyball hosts Hamline University (5:00 p.m.) · The Gustavus volleyball team will…
St. Peter, Minn.

Saturday, October 31

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14 pm
Football at Bethel University · The Gustavus football team will travel to Arden Hills, Minn…
Arden Hills, Minn.
35 pm
Volleyball hosts Saint Mary's University · The Gustavus volleyball team will host Saint…
St. Peter, Minn.

Monday, November 2

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Nov 25
January Interim Experience Registration · Registration for January Interim Experience…
Gustavus Campus
Today Oct 27 to Nov 2