Seminars and Annual Conferences


The Biology Department is proud of our students' high participation in the campus exhibitions of the Swanson-Holcomb Undergraduate Research (SHUR) symposia and the Celebration of Creative InquiryThese are venues for Gustavus students to present their research findings to the entire campus, parents, alumni, and our local community. The fall SHUR symposium is held in late September, and the CCI / spring SHUR are held in early May on Honor's Day weekend.

What kinds of things can you see at this event?


We welcome applications to speak to the Biology Department about innovative research and teaching in biology. Speakers typically give a 50 minute talk, as well as participate in relevant classes that day. Some examples of past speakers include:

Dr. Gina Quiram (Class of 2006), restoration evaluation specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Improving Minnesota's legacy: lessons learned from the Legacy Fund Restoration Evaluation Program.

Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad, a Professor of Biology at the Universiti Sains Malaysia.  Understanding vector biology of dengue vectors: Implications to disease transmission in the tropics.

Dr. Kandice Fero, a post-doctoral researcher with Dr. Harold Burgess in the Unit on Behavior Neurogenetics, Section on Developmental Biology at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (at the NIH). Neural control of behavior: insights from larval zebrafish.

Dr. Mariana F. Wolfner, Professor of Developmental Biology at Cornell University. What's love got to do with it? How male-derived proteins regulate reproduction in female fruit flies.