Women's Cross Country Season Results

Season-By-Season Results

(Second number in conference, regional, and national columns from 1981 to 1998 is how many points the team scored. From 1999 to present, the number represents how many teams were at the race.)

Dual Record
Conference Finish
Regional Finish
National Finish
1980 Sally Hokanson
1981 5th/151 (MAIAW) Sally Hokanson
1982 Sally Hokanson
1983 5th/130 Sally Hokanson
1984 7th/179 Sally Hokanson
1985 8th/182 Sally Hokanson
1986 8th Sally Hokanson
1987 5th/179 12th Sally Hokanson
1988 7th/206 12th/327 Sally Hokanson
1989 10th/274 18th/426 Sally Hokanson
1990 10th/280 18th/INC Sally Hokanson
1991 10th/271 18th/478 Charlie Mahler
1992 4th/89 6th/176 Charlie Mahler
1993 3rd/103 6th/168 Charlie Mahler
1994 7th/143 5th/170 June Kloubec
1995 3rd/86 3rd/122 13th/303 June Kloubec
1996 7th/186 9th/221 June Kloubec
1997 4th/138 7th/187 June Kloubec
1998 9th/196 13th/293 Karen Vihstadt
1999 7th/12 7th/24 Karen Vihstadt
2000 6th/12 8th/24 Scott Jerome
2001 2nd/12 8th/22 Scott Jerome
2002 0-1 4th/12 5th/22 Scott Jerome
2003 0-1 1st/12 3rd/23 12th/24 Scott Jerome
2004 2nd/12 8th/22 Jed Friedrich
2005 4th/12 6th/24 Jed Friedrich
2006 4th/12 8th/23 Jed Friedrich
2007 6th/12 14th/23 Jed Friedrich
2008 7th/12 11th/26 Jed Friedrich
2009 6th/12 9th/26 Dale Bahr
2010 4th/12 8th/27 Dale Bahr
2011 3rd/12 7th/27 Dale Bahr
2012 1st/12 4th/28 21st/32 Dale Bahr
2013 5th/12 11th/27   Dale Bahr
2014 6th/12 10th/27   Dale Bahr