Women's Track and Field Roster

Olivia Motley

Year So.
Event High Jump
Hometown Loretto, Minn.
High School Delano

Year at Gustavus: Sophomore
What events are you in? Are you in both cross country and track and field?: Highjump
Where did you go to high school?: Delano High School
Where is your hometown?: Corcoran, MN
Tell me about your family (siblings, are any of your family members current/previous Gusties?): My family is composed of my Dad named Steve, my Mom named Stephanie, my older brother named Jakob and my younger sister named Hailey who is a current Gustie with me!
Tell me about your experiences so far at Gustavus: My experience at Gustavus so far has been amazing. I love the strong sense of community knowing that everyone here wants to support you by being your best academically and athletically.
What volunteering or community service have you done in and/or out of college?: I enjoy volunteering at my church as well as doing my forms of community service to help others.
What other extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations are you a part of?: I am currently only involved on the track team but I would love to get more involved!
How have these activities changed your time at Gustavus?: Being on the track team has brought many benefits during my time at Gustavus. I have always been a student athlete so continuing my athletic career at Gustavus was very important to me. I love the positive atmosphere that the team brings. I also enjoy being active and it's a great way to meet new people!
Tell me about any high school athletic and academic achievements or awards that you have earned: Throughout my track career in high school I have achieved being a 3x All-Conference Champion, Captain, placing 3rd in the top 10 school record. Throughout my volleyball career in high school I have achieved captain, MVP Offense, Rookie of the Year, and All-Conference.
Why did you choose Gustavus?: Gustavus was the only school I toured that made me feel like all the puzzle pieces fit together. There was not one thing that I did not like about Gustavus. I loved the strong sense of community and support.
In your opinion what makes the Gustavus cross country/track and field programs different from other colleges?: The Gustavus cross country/track and field programs differ from other colleges because we focus on all aspects of creating a strong team.