Women's Track and Field Roster

Tyra Banks

Year Sr.
Event Jumps
Hometown Brooklyn Park, Minn.
High School Johnston

Year: Senior
What events are you in?: Short sprints and jumps
Where did you go to high school?: Johnston Senior High School
Where is your hometown?: Maple Grove, MN
Tell me about your family (siblings, are any of your family members current/previous Gusties?) “I have three sisters (two older and one younger) and an adopted little brother! Neither are Gusties but I did compete against my second older sister when she attended Concordia College in Moorhead!”
Tell me about your experiences so far at Gustavus:
“I am privileged and blessed to experience the community at Gustavus. I have been given enough privilege and honor to expand both my social and professional networks through my connections with friends, colleagues, coaches, professors and alumni!”
What volunteering or community service have you done in and/or out of college. “There are too many to keep count of if we’re being honest, but my favorite was a Halloween trail for Gustie families with my sorority Alpha Sigma Tau last Halloween (2019)!”
What other extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations are you a part of? Pre-Health Club, Pan-Afrikan Student Organization, Res Life (CF), ETA Sigma Phi, St. Lucia Guild, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, etc.
How have these activities changed your time at Gustavus? “I started as just a member of almost every single organization I’ve participated in and I have progressed gradually to leadership roles! For example, I first joined the Pan-African Student Organization as an ordinary member and I currently serve as one of its co-presidents! Good times!”
Have you been a part of any movements that work for social justice or change? What are you passionate about? “This question is kinda vague (lol) mostly because I’m not exactly sure how to define my role within social justice movements. Anyways, I am an avid supporter and believer in the progression of mankind and my values and morals align rightly with that. I support the BLM movement, DACA, Defund the Police, ACAB, the movement for climate change and climate justice, and many many many more mainstream and less known social justice movements. I am passionate about ensuring that people have adequate resources to maintain health and helping people to increase their education about their physical as well as mental health (hence why I wanna be a physician!). I also LOVE discussing issues concerning politics and sociology with people!”
Tell me about any high school athletic and academic achievements or awards that you have earned: “I never did athletics in high school but I did compete academically haha! I was a member of the National Honors Society, Academic Decathlon, Debate Team, as well as the Rhode Island Honor Society!”
Tell me about your college academic and athletic achievements that you have earned . (Captain, All-American, all-conference, academic all-conference, etc, and include year): Dean's List: 4 semesters, Marleen B. Flory Award 2020, First Year Research Experience participant 2018, Eta Sigma Phi 2019, St. Lucia Guild 2020
Why did you choose Gustavus? “I graduated high school super young and that was always the conversation starter with people I was surrounded by. So, I wanted and chose to go to a school where I knew no one and would have a clean slate! Additionally, Gustavus gave me the most financial aid so it was a no brainer.”
In your opinion what makes the Gustavus cross country/track and field programs different from other colleges? “There is always someone on the team who has had a similar experience with someone else and can serve as a bridge of connection! Additionally, the laughs we are able to have with the team and coaches are like no other.”