Women's Track and Field Roster

Caitlyn Storley

Year So.
Event Mid-Distance
Hometown Rosemount, Minn
High School Rosemount

Year at Gustavus: Sophomore
What events are you in? Are you in both cross country and track and field?: I run middle distance, specifically the 400 & 800 meter run. I’m in both track and cross country!
Where did you go to high school?: Rosemount High School
Where is your hometown?: Rosemount, MN
Tell me about your family (siblings, are any of your family members current/previous Gusties?): My mom is named Ericka and my dad is named Drew. I have an older brother, Thane, who is a senior at Iowa State University and a younger sister, Jordan, in her senior year of high school. My dad is a Gustie Alum, class of 94! He graduated Gustavus with a double major in biology as well as life science teaching. He was an outside linebacker for the Gustavus football team too!
Tell me about your experiences so far at Gustavus: I have absolutely loved my experience at Gustavus thus far. I have never felt more at home than here on the hill. I can’t imagine my college years spent anywhere else with anyone else. The cross team became my family in less than a week, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the team. Coaches Brendo and Becki have helped me to realize that Gustavus is a place where I can continue to grow not only as an athlete, but as a person and life long learner. The whole program has pushed me to be my best, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I LOVE being a biology major here because the biology department gives me the resources to succeed as a student and opportunities to gain experience in research and different STEM careers.
What volunteering or community service have you done in and/or out of college?: Throughout college, I have been able to volunteer at 360 Communities, a food shelf, and sexual & domestic violence shelter nonprofit organization, in my hometown. While at Gustavus I was able to volunteer to work with animals up for adoption at Kind Veterinary Clinic in Saint Peter! I was also able to volunteer with the Indivisible group of Mankato/Saint Peter to inform eligible voters about local and national candidates up for elections this past November. With the exception of this fall, every fall the cross country team also volunteers to help run a 5k race in Minneapolis called Juliet’s Race. This past summer, I also volunteered at Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis after the riots caused by the death of George Floyd. The church was serving as one of the main food shelves for the people of Minneapolis affected by the riots. I volunteered to sort food and keep tables stocked.
What other extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations are you a part of?: I am a stockroom worker for the Chemistry Department, and I will be working with GWiL (Gustavus Women in Leadership) to help organize the speakers for the 2022 GWiL Conference! I also attend Proclaim which is an amazing worship group on campus!
How have these activities changed your time at Gustavus?: I have been able to grow as a person and as a learner. I am able to be supported by people that are very similar to me: those in STEM, women, and people that are faithful.
Have you been a part of any movements that work for social justice or change? What are you passionate about?: Yes! Last year, I attended the Climate Rally on campus and in Memorial Park of Saint Peter. I am very passionate about protecting the environment and coming up with ways to be more sustainable in my everyday life practices. I also am involved with organizations such as 360 Communities and Indivisible because they represent things that I strongly believe in. With Indivisible, they provide voters with information pertinent to their decision making and thoughts towards elected officials. This is extremely important because not enough people are aware of the policies and beliefs that elected officials and candidates uphold. One of my goals is to become sexual assault advocate/volunteer within the justice system so that I can serve those that are some of the most vulnerable in my community. This is something that 360 Communities stands for: serving those most at risk in my community. They provide food, housing, and support for those in need in my own community, so I love being a part of this organization so that I can make a difference in my personal community.
Newspaper: If you would like press releases involving you sent to any hometown newspapers, please list them here: The Sun Current & Star Tribune
Tell me about any high school athletic and academic achievements or awards that you have earned: I was the captain of the cross country and track and field teams my senior year. My junior and senior year, the women’s team won the SSC Conference title. My junior year, the women’s team won True Team State Section’s and came in second at the True Team State meet. My senior year, the women’s team won the True Team State Section and State meets along with the MSHL State Championship. Also, I was a part of the 4x800 team that went to the Hamline Elite Meet my senior year. I lettered in cross country multiple times and track and field twice. Academically, I was in the top 10% of my class, and lettered all four years along with being on the A honor roll.
Tell me about your college academic and athletic achievements that you have earned . (Captain, All-American, all-conference, academic all-conference, etc, and include year): Collegiately, I was on the President’s Honors List for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Why did you choose Gustavus?: I chose Gustavus because it was where I knew I was supposed to be. I knew that I was going to be pushed to be the best person and athlete I can be while making memories to last a lifetime. When I talk about home, I’m talking about Gustavus, not where I grew up. Gustavus isn’t my home away from home, it IS my home. This is a community of people that support and care for you even when they don’t know your name, and that is why I love it.
In your opinion what makes the Gustavus cross country/track and field programs different from other colleges?: We are a true family. You will not find a closer, more accepting group of people anywhere. Your teammates are your family, your brothers and sisters. I didn’t think I would ever find forever friends this quickly in college. When I say quickly, I mean on the first day I arrived for early camp. I love my team with all my heart, and I couldn’t be more thankful to the coaches that create an atmosphere and team culture like this one. You won’t find anything else like it.