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MIAC Championships
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Final Team Standings
1. St. Olaf College.............216-282.5-266--764.5
2. Carleton College.............212-278.5-265--755.5
3. Gustavus Adolphus College....236-250-251--737
4. Macalester College...........91-109-101-301
5. University of St. Thomas.....79-105-49-233
6. Concordia College Moorhead...63-69-87-219
7. College of St. Benedict......77-79-62-218
8. Hamline University...........80-66-66-212
9. College of St. Catherine.....44-44-30-118
10. St. Mary's University.......44-28-7--79

Gustavus Results
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200 Yard Freestyle Relay:
Beth DeLaRosby, Jessica Coleman
Melissa Brasel, Katie Garvey
1:36.30 (1st Place) 40pts

500 Yard Freestyle
Ann Marie Miller 5:16.68 (5th Place) 14pts
Bridgett Bonte 5:18.28 (6th Place) 13pts
Robbi Palombi 5:25.08 (14th Place) 3pts
Karin Gustafson 5:26.72 (15th Place) 2pts

200 Yard IM
Emily King 2:15.43 (5th Place) 14pts
Eva Miller 2:17.54 (8th Place) 11pts
Kali Ofstehage 2:16.86 (10th Place) 7pts
Sarah Crane 2:17.48 (11th Place) 6pts
Kristin Kunz 2:21.94 (15th Place) 2pts

50 Yard Freestyle
Beth DeLaRosby 23.88 (2nd Place) 17pts
Katie Garvey 24.34 (3rd Place) 16pts
Melissa Brasel 25.04 (6th Place) 13pts
Jessica Coleman 24.94 (9th Place) 9pts
Laurie Decknatel 25.16 (11th Place) 6pts
Tera Brown 25.23 (12th Place) 5pts

3 Meter Diving
Anna Felkey 378.85 (6th place) 13pts

400 Yard Medley Relay
Katherine Haynes, Eva Miller
Emily King, Beth DeLaRosby
4:01.60 (3rd Place) 32pts


200 Yard Medley Relay
Robbi Palombi, Eva Miller
Emily King, Beth DeLaRosby
1:50.18 (2nd Place) 34pts

400 Yard IM
Ann Marie Miller 4:52.11 (7th Place) 12pts
Sarah Crane 4:53.51 (11th Place) 6pts

100 Yard Butterfly
Emily King 1:00.19 (2nd Place) 17pts
Katie Garvey 1:00.34 (3rd Place) 16pts
Megan Schiep 1:02.39 (11th Place) 6pts

200 Yard Freestyle
Kali Ofstehage 1:58.39 (2nd Place) 17pts
Beth DeLaRosby 1:59.90 (6h Place) 13pts
Bridgett Bonte 2:00.63 (9th Place) 9pts
Megan Schiep 2:01.37 (11th Place) 6pts
Melissa Brasel 2:01.86 (12th Place) 5pts

100 Yard Breaststroke
Eva Miller 1:07.09 (2nd Place) 17pts
Tera Brown 1:10.46 (9th Place) 9pts

100 Yard Backstroke
Robbi Palombi 1:01.46 (4th Place) 15pts
Katherine Haynes 1:01.94 (5th Place) 14pts
Karin Gustafson 1:03.48 (9th Place) 9pts
Laurie Decknatel 1:03.91 (10th Place) 7pts
Kristin Kunz 1:04.58 (13th Place) 4pts

800 Yard Freestyle Relay
Kali Ofstehage, Bridgett Bonte
Ann Marie Miller, Katie Garvey
7:57.58 (2nd Place) 34pts


1650 Yard Freestyle
Bridgett Bonte 18:14.95 (6th Place) 13pts
Kali Ofstehage 18:28.12 (8th Place) 11pts
Megan Schiep 19:15.12 (15th Place) 2pts

200 Yard Backstroke
Robbi Palombi 2:11.95 (3rd Place) 16pts
Katherine Haynes 2:13.30 (4th Place) 15pts
Karin Gustafson 2:16.22 (8th Place) 11pts

100 Yard Freestyle
Beth DeLaRosby 53.00 (2nd Place) 17pts
Katie Garvey 53.83 (3rd Place) 16pts
Jessica Coleman 54.41 (6th Place) 13pts
Laurie Decknatel 54.95 (10th Place) 7pts
Melissa Brasel 55.30 (11th Place) 6pts

200 Yard Breaststroke
Eva Miller 2:27.71 (2nd Place) 17pts
Tera Brown 2:35.04 (10th Place) 7pts

200 Yard Butterfly
Emily King 2:13.86 (3rd Place) 16pts
Ann Marie Miller 2:15.35 (6th Place) 13pts
Sarah Crane 2:18.31 (11th Place) 6pts

1 Mtr Diving
Anna Felkey 342.30 (4th Place) 15pts

400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Beth DeLaRosby, Laurie Decknatel
Jessica Coleman, Katie Garvey
3:34.45 (2nd Place) 34pts