2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Wartburg vs. Gustavus Adolphus
  Date: Oct 16, 2016 • Site: St. Peter, Minn.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
[88:41]  Shot by GACW Kylie Lamberty, SAVE Beth Crow.
[86:36]  GACW substitution: Maggie Leininger for Jana Elliott.
 Corner kick by WARWS Emma Moss.
 Corner kick by WARWS Emma Moss [85:04].
[84:49]  WARWS substitution: Sydney Salton for Alyssa Christopher.
[84:51]  GACW substitution: Sally Morrow for Emily Skogseth.
[84:51]  WARWS substitution: Ali Perez for Amber Rottinghaus.
[84:51]  WARWS substitution: Ali Morrow for Morgan Neuendorf.
[84:51]  WARWS substitution: Megan Cowherd for Madison Astgen.
[83:46]  Shot by GACW Emily Skogseth, SAVE Beth Crow.
[82:17]  Shot by GACW Grace Brustad WIDE.
 Foul on Wartburg.
 Foul on Wartburg.
[79:36]  GACW substitution: Kylie Lamberty for Maddison Ackiss.
 Foul on Gustavus Adolphus.
[77:51]  Shot by WARWS Morgan Finch WIDE.
[77:47]  Shot by WARWS Morgan Finch WIDE.
[77:41]  Shot by WARWS Gabby Rohrer HIT POST.
[75:38]  WARWS substitution: Alyssa Christopher for Sarah Schwarz.
[75:38]  GACW substitution: Laura Johnson for Hannah Sturtz.
[75:14]  Shot by WARWS Emma Moss, SAVE Ashley Becker.
[73:52]  GACW substitution: Grace Brustad for Josie Mazzone.
[73:52]  GACW substitution: Jana Elliott for Sophie Leininger.
[73:45]  Shot by GACW Maddison Ackiss WIDE.
[72:59]  GACW substitution: Emily Hilk for Coursey Edwards.
[72:35]  Shot by WARWS Morgan Neuendorf, SAVE Ashley Becker.
 Foul on Gustavus Adolphus.
 Corner kick by GACW Maddison Ackiss [70:46].
[69:23]  WARWS substitution: Jillian Huser for Madison Thomas.
[69:23]  WARWS substitution: Morgan Neuendorf for Alyssa Hewitt.
[69:23]  WARWS substitution: Morgan Finch for Katie Ives.
[69:23]  WARWS substitution: Emma Moss for Nicole Adair.
[66:18]  WARWS substitution: Gabby Rohrer for Olivia Jansen.
[65:14]  Shot by GACW Emily Skogseth, SAVE Beth Crow.
[63:21]  GACW substitution: Judith Hepburn for Chase Miller.
[63:21]  WARWS substitution: Sarah Schwarz for Alyssa Drewelow.
[61:29]  WARWS substitution: Madison Astgen for Morgan Neuendorf.
[61:29]  GACW substitution: Katrina Rinke for Emily Odermatt.
[61:29]  GACW substitution: Lucy Thompson for Katie Johnson.
[59:05]  Shot by GACW Sophie Leininger, SAVE Beth Crow.
[57:05]  GACW substitution: Ellyn Adelmann for Grace Brustad.
[57:03]  Shot by WARWS Morgan Neuendorf HIGH.
 Foul on Gustavus Adolphus.
 *Cross across box, burried from left side of the goal.
Wartburg 3, Gustavus Adolphus 0
[55:16]  GOAL by WARWS Nicole Adair, Assist by Olivia Jansen, goal number 4 for season.
 *8 ran the ball down the field, 12 finished the goal.
Wartburg 2, Gustavus Adolphus 0
[52:22]  GOAL by WARWS Morgan Neuendorf, Assist by Alyssa Hewitt, goal number 2 for season.
[51:56]  Shot by GACW Maddison Ackiss BLOCKED.
 For GACW: #25 Emily Skogseth, #19 Chase Miller, #22 Hannah Sturtz, #5 Sophie Leininger, #10 Katie Johnson, #8 Emily Odermatt, #2 Grace Brustad, #1 Ashley Becker, #9 Coursey Edwards, #11 Josie Mazzone, #7 Maddison Ackiss.
 For WARWS: #12 Morgan Neuendorf, #8 Alyssa Hewitt, #23 Alyssa Drewelow, #14 Katie Ives, #21 Zoey Campbell, #6 Taylor Evans, #5 Olivia Jansen, #4 Amber Rottinghaus, #1 Beth Crow, #10 Madison Thomas, #3 Nicole Adair.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].