Student Athlete Volunteer Educators



SAVE Mission

Student Athlete Volunteer Educators (SAVE) is a group of Gustie athletes who are devoted to educating their fellow athletes on healthy lifestyle choices.  SAVE members: 

  • Create, design, and implement programs that encourage academic achievement, healthy promotion, social responsibility and general life skills among student-athletes.
  • Act as a resource and help athletes make connections with other departments and organizations on campus.
  • Raise awareness of healthy lifestyles amongst the Gustavus athletic community through a variety of media campaigns
  • Coordinate the First Year Mentoring Experience (FAME) by being a resource for team mentors and providing social opportunities for all first year athletes. This program assists first year student-athletes during the adjustment process of being a college athlete.
  • Serve as a liaison between the athletic department and campus departments to promote wellbeing events.

Organization and Responsibilities

SAVE is made up of 13-15 sophomore, junior, and senior student-athletes from a variety of sports. SAVE members apply to be part of the program the end of March, interview in April, and new members are selected and notified in May.

Responsibilities of SAVE members include:

  • Educate student athletes about healthy lifestyles through presentations and speakers and model this behavior to others
  • Attend once a week meetings (program and/or training meetings)
  • Actively communicate with the advisor and other peer group members
  • Assist in the evaluation of program efforts, goals and outcomes and offer input into future directions for the program
  • Assist in mentoring first year student-athletes through the FAME program.

Meetings are held once per week on Thursday nights at 8pm in Lund Center.

2017-2018 SAVE Members

Ashley Beise, Junior - Softball

Jake Boykin, Sophomore - Football

Casey Decker, Senior - Football

Michael Dunne, Junior - Football

Jason Faul, Senior - Basketball

Thomas Fischer, Sophomore - Baseball

Aly Freeman, Sophomore - Softball

Nora Holton, Junior - Volleyball

Kylie Lamberty, Junior - Soccer

John Lundquist, Senior - Baseball

Erin Moes, Junior - Hockey

Abby Mullenbach, Sophomore - Soccer

Josie Schieffert, Sophomore - Basketball

McKenzie Swenson, Senior - Golf

Isaak Tjaden, Senior - Hockey