S.A.V.E Program
Student Athlete Volunteer Educators

What SAVE is:

Community, justice, service, faith, and excellence, are the pillars that form the Gustavus tradition.   For student athletes, that means exhibiting your finest both on the court and in the classroom—no easy task. Such fortitude can sometimes lead to pressures and problems that only other student athletes can understand, and relate to. That's where the SAVE (Student Athlete Volunteer Educators) program will help.

SAVE is a group of Gustie Athletes who are devoted to educating their fellow athletes on healthy lifestyle choices. As a Student Athlete Volunteer Educator, you will help other athletes make healthy choices by providing them with information, serving as a resource when they face pressures, and by leading by example.

Mission Statement:

1. To create, design, and implement programs that will encourage academic achievement, healthy promotion, social responsibility and general life skills awareness among student-athletes.

2. To actively encourage the involvement of student-athletes in campus and community outreach projects and activities.

3. To create social norm campaigns which will raise the awareness of healthy social norms amongst the Gustavus athletic community.