Men's Track and Field Roster

Grant Baker

Year Fy.
Hometown South St. Paul, Minn.
High School South St. Paul

Year at Gustavus: Freshman
What events are you in? Are you in both cross country and track and field?:Track and Field: Hurdles and Sprints
Where did you go to high school?: South St. Paul Secondary
Where is your hometown?: South St. Paul, MN
Tell me about your family (siblings, are any of your family members current/previous Gusties?): I have a sister who is in 7th grade and my mother and father who went to the UofM.
Tell me about your experiences so far at Gustavus: They have been amazing even with the limitations that have surfaced this year. I have enjoyed my classes and love the friends I have made so far and am excited to meet more as the year goes on. I have also loved the unique ways that campus is staying alive and fun in a time where we need to be distant from one another. Lastly of course is all the amazing moments and memories made so far this year with the team. The support and encouragement is amazing and I always feel my best when I am around this team.
What volunteering or community service have you done in and/or out of college?: I volunteer often at my church whether it is going and doing mission trips with my church or help lead a food drive for our local food distribution place in town. I also perform for my church very often both singing and drumming with our contemporary church band.
What other extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations are you a part of?: I am in the Choir of Christ Chapel here at Gustavus and I often go to a student organization called "Proclaim" where I go and worship with a bunch of people on campus in a contemporary style worship.
How have these activities changed your time at Gustavus?: It has opened the door to many new friendships and relationships with my peers on campus and it validates why I wanted to be at Gustavus in the first place. It makes me feel like I am a part of the community on campus and always puts me in good spirits when being involved on campus.
Have you been a part of any movements that work for social justice or change? What are you passionate about?: I have not been a part of any movements of that sort. That being said I support those who do fight for equality and social justice and want to become more involved and do my part about making the voices that are being silenced heard and spoken clearly.
Tell me about any high school athletic and academic achievements or awards that you have earned: I was a part of the National Honors Society for two years as well as on the Gold Honor Roll during my years in high school. I was captain of the South St. Paul Showchoir team for my senior year and received the Spirit Award for my 4 years involved in Varsity Showchoir. I was also the choir Vice President. In band I was honored with the role of Drum Major for the Homecoming Performance. I also received the John Phillip Sousa award for excellence in Concert Band. In Cross Country I was given the Packer Pride Award which is defined as an individual who shows school pride and demonstrates what it meant to be a South St. Paul Packer. I received this award 4 times in my cross country career in high school. Lastly I was also crowned a Homecoming royal my senior year.
Tell me about your college academic and athletic achievements that you have earned . (Captain, All-American, all-conference, academic all-conference, etc, and include year): I have not received any yet.
Why did you choose Gustavus?: I had been coming to this campus for running camps since I was in 8th grade and instantly fell in love with the community it had as well as how welcoming it felt. Once I got to take an official tour it was clear to me that it had all aspects that I wanted out of a school. It had a strong Education department, fantastic athletics, amazing performing arts programs, delicious food, and most importantly a place that spreads love to all and makes all feel welcome.
In your opinion what makes the Gustavus cross country/track and field programs different from other colleges?: We work hard at all times and never give up until our body forces us to. Even through the hard work we still find ways to have fun and make us a family more than a team. Our coaches are also dedicated to not just make us better athletes but better people who take the time to get to know us and show that they care about us and our dreams. This team shows what it means to be a Gustie and how to be the best person we can be for this world.