Men's Track and Field Roster

Wyatt Quiring

Year Jr.
Hometown Fairmont, Minn.
High School Fairmont

Year at Gustavus: Junior
What events are you in? Are you in both cross country and track and field?: I am a sprinter with my primary event being the 400. I am not in cross country.
Where did you go to high school?: Fairmont High School
Where is your hometown?: Fairmont, MN
Tell me about your family (siblings, are any of your family members current/previous Gusties?): My parents' names are Randy and Kelly. I have an older sister named Quincy, two older brothers named Noah and Jordan, and a younger sister named Rayah. I am the first to go to Gustavus. I also have two dogs named Rocky and Frisco.
Tell me about your experiences so far at Gustavus: My favorite part about coming to Gustavus has been the track teams. I have met lots of friends on the team and it is my favorite part of the day getting to go to practice. The food was great when I was on a meal plan. The professors have also been super awesome 95% of the time.
What volunteering or community service have you done in and/or out of college?: I volunteer at youth sport camps back home and for Gustavus. I am involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) back home.
What other extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations are you a part of?: I am also on the football team.
How have these activities changed your time at Gustavus?: I have learned how to organize a schedule for myself. I have also learned how to prioritize more important things such as homework.
Have you been a part of any movements that work for social justice or change? What are you passionate about?: I have not signed up or marched or anything but, I love educating myself on black and other minority histories in this country. I took a Black History course here and it was for sure my favorite class I have ever taken. I am a social studies history major so it is very important to me to know about the true histories these people have gone through. And as a future educator I can teach the next generation of youth what has really happened.
Newspaper: If you would like press releases involving you sent to any hometown newspapers, please list them here: Fairmont Sentinel
Tell me about any high school athletic and academic achievements or awards that you have earned: I went to state sophomore, junior, and senior year for track. Sophomore year I placed 3rd in the 4x100 and 4x400. Junior year I placed 6th in the open 400. Senior year I placed 3rd in the open 400 and second in the 4x400. I was a three time conference champion in the open 400. In football I was all district and all conference my senior year. I was on the honor roll every year of high school.
Tell me about your college academic and athletic achievements that you have earned . (Captain, All-American, all-conference, academic all-conference, etc, and include year): I am a first time captain this year. I was an honorable mention indoor all conference in the 4x200 my sophomore year.
Why did you choose Gustavus?: I chose Gustavus because I wanted to stay somewhat close to home but also feel like I was away from home. I also felt the most wanted here. Coaches were always texting me the most from here and coming to track meets. The food also pulled me in. I took 3 visits and looked forward to eating every time.
In your opinion what makes the Gustavus cross country/track and field programs different from other colleges?: The togetherness that comes within your specific event group. Working with these people every day really builds a close relationship. These people have become my best friends. The coaches also care about every single person. They will help develop you no matter what stage of success you are at.