2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Hamline University vs. Gustavus
  Date: Oct 31, 2015 • Site: St. Peter, Minn.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
 Corner kick by GAC Konnor Tranoris [89:34].
[88:52]  Shot by GAC Eli Bjerk BLOCKED.
[87:41]  Shot by GAC Everett Rinke, SAVE Dean Isaacson.
 Foul on Hamline University.
[87:08]  GAC substitution: Aden Letcher for Ian Smith.
[87:08]  GAC substitution: Eli Bjerk for John Fox.
 Foul on Hamline University.
[85:36]  Shot by HUM Stefan Kinsinger, SAVE Matt Bateman.
 Foul on Gustavus.
[81:06]  GAC substitution: Connor Danielson for Arthur Parens.
[81:06]  GAC substitution: Everett Rinke for Matt Jacobs.
[81:06]  GAC substitution: Konnor Tranoris for Matt Murakami.
[80:06]  GAC substitution: Alex Blixrud for Jack Conroy.
 Foul on Gustavus.
[79:26]  HUM substitution: Trevor Lewellen for Ben Pietsch.
[79:26]  HUM substitution: Ethan Cassutt for Nathaniel Jacobson.
[79:26]  GAC substitution: Aidan Clemence for Aden Letcher.
Gustavus 2, Hamline University 1
[78:06]  Header GOAL by GAC John Fox, Assist by Charlie Adams, goal number 1 for season.
 Foul on Hamline University.
[76:56]  HUM substitution: Gardea Simoke for Caleb Schley.
[76:56]  HUM substitution: Stefan Kinsinger for Tamir Hussein.
 Corner kick by GAC Charlie Adams [75:14].
[74:50]  GAC substitution: Ian Smith for Davis Petros.
 Foul on Hamline University.
 Corner kick by HUM Oscar Campbell [72:55].
[71:56]  Shot by GAC Patrick Leach, SAVE Dean Isaacson.
 Corner kick by GAC Patrick Leach [69:05].
[68:23]  HUM substitution: Caleb Schley for Trevor Lewellen.
[68:23]  GAC substitution: Matt Jacobs for Konnor Tranoris.
 Foul on Hamline University.
[65:02]  GAC substitution: John Fox for Henry Brose.
[65:02]  HUM substitution: Andy Rios for Ethan Cassutt.
[63:13]  GAC substitution: Aden Letcher for Eli Bjerk.
[61:29]  HUM substitution: Ben Pietsch for Stefan Kinsinger.
[60:48]  GAC substitution: Arthur Parens for Patrick Roth.
[60:06]  HUM substitution: Tamir Hussein for Andy Rios.
 Foul on Hamline University.
 Foul on Hamline University.
 Foul on Gustavus.
[57:11]  Shot by HUM Stefan Kinsinger WIDE.
 Foul on Gustavus.
 Foul on Gustavus.
[54:51]  HUM substitution: Trevor Tallaksen for Ben Pietsch.
Hamline University 1, Gustavus 1
[54:49]  GOAL by HUM Abbai Habte, Assist by Stefan Kinsinger, goal number 10 for season.
[52:18]  Shot by GAC Charlie Adams BLOCKED.
 Corner kick by GAC Konnor Tranoris [52:14].
[62:14]  Yellow card on HUM Trevor Lewellen.
 Foul on Hamline University.
 For GAC: #01 Matt Bateman, #9 Henry Brose, #2 Patrick Roth, #10 Eli Bjerk, #20 Konnor Tranoris, #4 Matt Murakami, #21 Charlie Adams, #5 Patrick Leach, #11 Sam Leske, #16 Davis Petros, #3 Jack Conroy.
 For HUM: #17 James Nash, #22 Stefan Kinsinger, #19 Ethan Cassutt, #5 Oscar Campbell, #10 Abbai Habte, #2 Ben Pietsch, #4 Nathaniel Jacobson, #1 Dean Isaacson, #20 Trevor Lewellen, #18 Andy Rios, #11 James Reardon.
[45:00]  Yellow card on HUM James Reardon.
 Corner kick by HUM Abbai Habte [45:00].
 Foul on Gustavus.
 Foul on Gustavus.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].