Athletic Hall of Fame

The Gustavus Adolphus College Hall of Fame was established in 1978 at which time 19 "Charter Members" were inducted either as coaches or as athletes. As of the fall of 2019, 327 individuals (305 athletes, 15 coaches and 10 benefactors) have been elected to the Hall of Fame.

The beautiful Hall of Fame room on the second floor of the Lund Center was originally partially endowed by the families of both Dwight Holcombe's (the only father/son combination holding membership in the Hall). The hardwood plaque upon which the individual plates are permanently displayed was donated by the family of former football coach and Hall of Fame member Jocko Nelson, who passed away in 1978.

Russell Lund Family


Inducted: 1998

The Russell T. Lund family has been exceptionally committed and generous to Gustavus Adolphus College for many years. Russell, Rhoda, and Patiricia Lund all served in leadership positions on the Gustavus Board of Trustees and were principal supporters of programs ranging from the Annual Nobel Conferences, Gustavus Library Associates, and student scholarships.
This evening we honor in particular the family's long affiliation with and support of athletics at the College through the building of the Lund Center. Beginning with the construction of the Lund Arena for ice hockey in 1976, Lund Center evolved into the primary venue for a number of major college sports serving many hundreds of student athletes each year and became the benchmark by which institutions planning similar indoor facilities have measured themselves since 1985.
In addition to the 23 intercollegiate teams that train or compete in Lund Center, this outstanding facility provides recreational and health maintenance opportunities for thousands of other students, employees, and members of the Saint Peter community.
Lund Center has helped to ensure that Gustavus would have one of the premier intercollegiate sports programs in the nation. The physical health of the Gustavus community and the entire athletic program of the college, both intercollegiate and intramural, are greatly indebted to members of the Lund family for their vision, their dedication, and their generous support over more than three decades.