Eugene Sandvig ’57 Inducted 1992


Eugene   Sandvig

Known internationally for his speed skating abilities, Gene Sandvig made his mark at Gustavus as a standout fullback for Coach Lloyd Hollingsworth in the mid-1950's. Sandvig was a hard-nosed durable runner who, in one game, carried every running play (28 times) against Youngstown State in 1956 because he was the only available back the team had. He was selected to the all-conference team as a fullback in 1956.
While Sandvig made his mark in football at Gustavus, it was in the sport of speed skating where he left his mark on the world. He has been involved in skating for 50 years as a competitor, coach. manager, official and administrator at the local, national, Olympic and international levels. Competitvely, Sandvig was the National Champion in 1958 North American Champion in 1959 and was a member of three Olympic teams in 1952, 1956 and 1960. He has also been very involved in the administrative side of skating, having served as a delegate to the U.S. Olympic Congress for 10 years, as general manager of the 1976 Olympic team, and as a member of the Technical Committee of the International Skating Union.
Along with his involvement in skating, Sandvig taught and coached in the Minneapolis school system for 12 years and is currently the national service manager for Advance Machine Company. He lives in Minneapoiis with his wife Carolyn (Lund '58) and they have two daughters, Sarah ('81) and Susan.