Gymnastics All-Americans and Academic All-Americans


CoSIDA Academic

1979--Shelia Ewer (All-Around, Beam)

1980--Sheila Ewer (All-Around, Bars, Beam, Vault)
Janna Larson (All-Around, Beam)
Jean Tarr (Beam)

1981--Gretchen Gunderson (Vault, All-Around)
Lisa Haugen (Beam, All-Around)
Jean Hels (Floor)
Lisa Johnson (Vault)
Nancy Johnson (All-Around, Floor)
Connie Sackett (Beam)

Tari Gould (All-Around, Bars, Vault)
Gretchen Gunderson (Vault)
Jean Hels (Floor)
Staci Huntington (Beam)
Lisa Johnson (Vault, Floor)
Nancy Johnson (All-Around, Floor)
Jackie Nelson (All-Around, Beam)
Connie Sackett (Beam)

1984--Karen Ahlstrom (All-Around, Floor, Beam, Vault)
Nancy Johnson (All-Around, Floor, Beam, Vault)
Kim McNeil (Floor)
Jackie Nelson (Beam)
Sue Niday (Beam)
Tina Pulido (Floor, Vault)

1985--Karen Ahlstrom (All 5 events)
Tari Gould (Floor)
Kim McNeil (Floor, Vault)
Amy Mickelson (Bars)
Jean Pekarna (Vault)
Tina Pulido (Vault)

1986--Julie Beddo (Beam, Floor)
Amy Mickelson (Bars)
Dawn Moleskley (Bars)
Tina Pulido (All-Around, Vault)

1987--Karla Jenkinson (Floor, Vault)
Amy Mickelson (Bars)
Tina Pulido (All-Around, Beam, Floor, Bars)

1988--Karla Jenkinson (Floor)
C.J. Page (All-Around, Vault)
Maureen Ruemer (Beam, Bars)

1989--Pam Johnson (Beam)
C.J. Page (All-Around, Floor, Vault)
Serese Thurnbeck (Floor)

1990--Anita Doyle (Bars)
Rhonda Gorseth (Bars, Vault)
Amanda Murdock (Floor, Vault)
C.J. Page (Vault)

1991--Anita Doyle (Floor)
Rhonda Gorseth (All-Around, Beam)
Amanda Murdock (All-Around, Floor)
Leslie Todd (Vault)
Jennifer Welch (All-Around, Bars, Beam)

1992--Leslie Bloedel (Vault)
Anita Doyle (Bars)
Shasta Lininger (Vault, Floor)
Meg Lojek (Beam)
Amanda Murdock (Vault, All-Around, Floor)
Cindy Lynn Swatland (Beam)

1993--Leslie Bloedel (Vault)
Robin Frederick (Beam)
Shasta Lininger (Vault, Floor)
Shannon McGee (Bars, Beam, All-Around)
Cindy Lynn Swatland (Bars)

1994--Kristi Edmondson (Vault)
Heather Fitch (Floor)
Kari Gillespie (Vault, Floor)
Shasta Lininger (Vault, Floor)
Danielle Maas (Beam)
Shannon McGee (Floor, All-Around)

1995--Christie Chlian (Beam)
Heather Fitch (Floor)
Shasta Lininger (Floor, Vault)

1996--Shannon McGee (All-Around, Floor)

1997--Arlene Bertoni (Floor)
Katie Kortuem (All-Around, Beam)
Emily Pohland (Bars)

1998--Katie Kortuem (All-Around)
Molly Nemes (All-Around)
Emily Pohland (Bars, Beam)

1999--Katie Kortuem (All-Around, Vault, Bars, Beam)
Michelle Pekel (Vault)
Molly Nemes (Vault)
Sara McKiernan (Bars)

2000--Molly Nemes (Vault, Floor, All-Around)

2001--Molly Nemes (Floor, Bars, All-Around)
Melanie Poach (Bars)

2002--Amanda Parker (All-Around, Vault, Bars, Floor)

2003--Amanda Parker (All-Around, Vault, Floor)
Alyssa Cox (Vault)

2004-- Amanda Parker (All-Around, Beam)
Ashley Erickson (Bars)

2007--Nicole Gergen (Beam)

2013--Jamie Ries (Bars)

2016--Alex Kopp (All-Around, Floor, Vault)

2017--Alex Kopp (All-Around, Vault)

Lauren Kerschner (All-Around)

Sam Ardy (Bars)

2018--Amanda Malo (All-Around)

2019--Amanda Malo (All-Around, Bars)

Brooke Merila (All-Around)

1992--Anita Doyle
1996--Kristi Edmondson
2003-- Amanda Parker
2004-- Amanda Parker
2005-- Amanda Parker

(GTE/Verizon Academic All-American)

To be eligible for Capital One Academic All-America® consideration, a student-athlete must be a varsity starter or key reserve, maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.30 on a scale of 4.00, have reached sophomore athletic and academic standings at his/her current institution and be nominated by his/her sports information director.

Since the program’s inception in 1952, CoSIDA has bestowed Academic All-America honors on more than 14,000 student-athletes in Divisions I, II, III and NAIA, covering all NCAA championship sports.