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If you are a 7th-12th grade boy or girls on your school tennis team, come join in the fun! Each drill goes for 2 hours each Sunday of a 7 or 8 week session. Sign up for one or the other, or both! Gustie Drills is led by Jon Carlson, head coach of the Gustavus Women's Tennis Team. He is a two-time NCAA National Coach of the Year. He has led his Gustie teams to a National Championship and several top 4 finishes over the course of his 24 year career as Head Coach. Helping Coach Carlson are members of the current Gustavus Women's and Men's team. Gustie Drills are a great way to hit with athletes from other teams around the area, and a great way to learn strokes and strategies with some of the top collegiate players in the region. At $10 per hour, it is a chance for everyone to come and participate!

SESSION I (8 weeks):

Starting Sunday, October 18, 2015 and ending Sunday, December 13, (no drills on Sunday, 11/29 for Thanksgiving weekend).

  • Varsity/High School players play from 1pm-3pm
  • JV/Jr. High players play from 3-5pm
  • COST: $160 (payable on the first day)

SESSION II (8 weeks):

Starting Sunday, January 10, 2015 and ending Sunday, March 6, (no drills on Sunday, January 31 for GAC touring week).

  • Varsity/High School players play from 1pm-3pm
  • JV/Jr. High players play from 3pm-5pm
  • COST: $160 (payable on the first day)


  • Our private lesson costs are $40 or $45 per lesson/hour
    • $40 with a student instructor with up to 4 years experience
    • $45 with a graduate instructor with over 4 years experience


    • Our lessons run by sessions:

    FALL (6 weeks): Sept. 8 - Oct. 17

    HOLIDAY (9 weeks): Oct. 18 - Dec. 19

    WINTER (10 weeks): Jan. 10 - Mar. 26

    SPRING (7 weeks): April 4 - May 21

We also offer group lessons and semi-private lessons. Group lessons need a minimum of 4 players. Group lessons with 4 or more players run $15 per lesson/hour. Semi-private (2 players) run half of the private lesson cost for each player.

If interested in the Gustie Drills or any lessons, please email our lesson coordinator, Maria Jeremiason, at mjeremia@gac.edu or call our facility at 507.933.6185.

Please call 507.933.6185 for more information or to receive a program brochure.

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