Diet Guide

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Green Light Foods

100% Fruit Juices Wheaties
Chex Cereal Low-Fat Yogurt
Cream of Wheat Cream of Rice
Cheerios Graham Crackers
Corn Flakes Skim Milk
Pancakes Raisin Bread
Waffles Fig Bars
Total Cereal Apple Sauce
Shredded Wheat Oranges/Grapefruit
Special K Raisins
French Toast Pineapple
Oat Bran Apples
Oatmeal Strawberries
English Muffins Cantaloupe
Bagels Pear
Bananas Raspberries
Breakfast Bars Watermelon
Granola Cereal Egg Beaters/Whites
Wheat Toast Peaches
Low-Fat Granola Nectarines
Lean Lunch Meat Single Serving 100% Fruit Juices
Whole Wheat Bread Fruit Salad
Skim Milk Low-Fat Macaroni & Cheese
Tuna in Water V-8
Grilled/Baked Chicken Wheat Tortillas
Fresh Fruit Fruit & Yogurt Parfait
Low-Fat Cottage Cheese Pita w/ Fat-Free Sauce
Low-Fat Yogurt Chicken and Broccoli
Low-Fat Granola Bars Subway 6g of Fat or Less
Raw Vegetables Vegetables Chili
Brown or Wild Rice Vegetable Buritto
Rye Bread Chicken Fajita
Low-Fat Wheat Crackers Pumpernickel
Egg Noodles Tomato Florentine Soup
Vegetable/Grilled Chicken Salad Low-Fat Beeg and Veg. Soup
Bagels Breadsticks
Dried Fruit Fig Bars
Apple Sauce Raisin Bread
Canned Chicken in Water Water
Single-Portion Canned Fruit Fat-Free Salad Dressing
Non-Fried Sea Food Broccoli
95% Lean Ground Beef Red/Green/Yel. Peppers
95% Lean Ground Turkey Tomatoes
95% Lean Ham Brussel Sprouts
Trimmed Beef or Pork Roast Dark Salad Greens
Turkey-White,Skinless Sweet Potatoes
Chicken-White, Skinless Baked Russet Potatoes
Water Carrots
Steamed Vegetables Cauliflower
Brown or Wild Rice Radishes
Fruit Salad Pea Pods
String Beans Lima Beans
Asparagus Sweet Corn
Spaghetti w/ Red Sauce Dried papayas
Acorn/Summer Squash Tomato Sauce
Green Beans Yams
Kidney Beans Black Beans
Mushrooms Pinto Beans
Onions Fettuccini
Peas Tuna in Water

Yellow Light Foods

Eggs Puffed Rice
Turkey Bacon Goldren Grahams
2% Milk Frosted Mini-Wheats
Sweetened Fruit Juices Honey Nut Cheerios
Sugar-Free Syrup Honey Nut Chex
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Regular Yogurt
Omelet w/ Ham & Cheese Turkey Sausage
Low-Fat Cream Cheese Blueberry Muffin
Jam/Jelly/Honey Pop Tarts
Banana Bread Regular Granola Bars
Baked Chicken Strips or Nuggets Avocados or Guacamole
Processed Lunch Meat (<3g Fat) Pretzels
Peanut Butter Low-Fat Pudding
Unsalted Nuts, Seeds Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Mustard Low-Fat Popcorn
Macaroni Animal Crackers
Light Mayo Regular Cottage Cheese
White Bread Regular Granola Bards
Mozzarella String Cheese Low-Fat Cheese, Incl Parmesan
Ravioli Ginger Snaps
85% Lean Ground Beef Mashed Potatoes
85% Lean Ground Turkey Trimmed Lamb
Liver Tea
85% Lean Ham Olive Oil
85% Lean Encased Meats Low-Fat Salad Dressings
Chicken-Dark Meat, Skinless Soybean Oil
Trimmed Choice Steaks Sunflower Oil
Trimmed Pork Chops Corn Oil
Turkey-Dark Meat, Skinless French Bread
White Rice Trimmed Beef Brisket

Red Light Foods

Doughnuts/Pastries Deep Fried French Toast
Belgian Waffles Muffins
Butter Toaster Strudel
Regular Syrup Lucky Charms
Bacon Cocoa Puffs
Sausage Frosted Flakes
Regular Cream Cheese Captain Crunch
Chocolate Milk Cugar Smacks
Whole Milk Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Hashbrowns Coffee
stop! LUNCH
Fried Chicken Patties Cookies
French Fries Bronwies
Pizza Soda
Balogna Mozzarella Sticks
Hot Dogs Candy
Chicken Tenders Sour Cream
Hamburgers Creamed Soups
Regular Mayo High Fat Cheese
Catsup Onion Rings
Potato Chips Salt
stop! DINNER
Fried Chicken or Seafood Chicken Wings
Bratwurst 75% Lean Ground Beef
Breaded Fish or Chicken 75% Lean Ground Turkey
Ice Cream Beef or Pork Ribs
Cakes Chicken with Skin
Heavy Brown or Cream Gravies Ham on Bone
Cakes/Pies Regular Encased Meats
Ramen Noodles Refried Beans
Chicken Fried Steak Regular Salad Dressing
Tacos Butter and Margarine