Cheerleading Policies

I. Purpose

The primary purpose of the cheerleader is to be a member of the team, which has as its goal the support of intercollegiate athletics and Gustavus Adolphus College. This support is expressed in three different ways:

  1. to lead the cheers to raise the level of fan support for intercollegiate athletics and projecting that support to the college and its teams;
  2. to participate in the athletic activity known as cheerleading by performing gymnastics, partner stunts, motions, pyramids, dance movements; to perfect this athletic activity for keeping the crowd attention/direction focused on the field/floor where the intercollegiate activity is taking place, and for entertainment and competitive purposes; and
  3. to serve as public relations ambassadors of intercollegiate athletics and Gustavus; to uphold, reflect and project the goals and ideals of the college; to appear at college activities, functions and programs.

II. Organizational Structure

The cheer team consists of up to 20 cheerleaders who cheer for home football and home men's basketball games, with an opportunity to travel to away playoff games. The cheer team may also performs at a variety of off-campus appearances and participate in all Gustavus Cheerleading Fundraisers. 

III. Travel Expectations

At the moment, the squad does not travel with the teams they cheer for except for important games such as conference games. In these cases, an official college chaperone (the cheerleader Advisor, Coach, or a designee) will travel with the squad.

It is important that each member remember that when s/he does travel, s/he is a representative of the college. At all times, cheerleaders behavior shall be exemplary. Behavior, which is loud, boisterous, rude, unrestrained, rough, rowdy, offensively harsh or discordant, unruly, etc., shall subject a cheerleader to discipline.

IV. Involvement at Functions/Events

In addition to football and basketball games and practices, cheerleaders attend a number of other events each year such as banquets, Homecoming parade, etc.

The Cheer Coach shall approve all appearances by the cheerleaders in advance. Appearances shall be at places and events, which are considered in good taste.

The cheerleaders shall appear only at events/activities, which will reflect positively on them as individuals, and as representatives of the Athletic Department and the College.

V. Practices and Games


Cheerleaders shall:

  1. attend all practices (special practices will be scheduled as needed)
  2. not be tardy or absent from practice,
  3. notify the coach and/or captain(s) as soon as possible if he/she finds it impossible to attend practice or knows he/she is going to be tardy.


Cheerleaders shall:

  1. attend all home football and basketball games, required scrimmages, and/or special scheduled games or activities,
  2. arrive at the game site forty-five minutes prior to kick off or tip off, unless the coach or captains designate an earlier or later time.