Choosing Your Major

III. Taking Stock: Self Assessment

There are a number of tests which can help you think through the questions above. These inventories and personality assessments appraise your interests and traits and compare your answers to those of people out working in various career fields or occupational groupings. Assessments like these don't tell you the "right major" and the "right career path" for you, but the results can help you generate ideas about majors and occupations that are worth further exploration.

To find out more about some of these tests, visit the Career Development.

After completing a self-assessment of your general interests, values, abilities, personality characteristics, etc., it is time to compare that information about yourself with possible academic majors. What follows are suggestions for gathering knowledge about specific majors. By following through with these activities, you will take an important step in the decision making process in planning for your future academic and carer goals.