Choosing Your Major

V. After You've Made a Decision: Follow-Up and Suggestions

After you have decided on a major(s), here are a few follow up procedures & suggestions:

  • Obtain a faculty advisor in your department by contacting the departmental secretary and/or the faculty member you wish to have serve as your advisor.
  • Fill out a Major Declaration Form to inform Advising Center Secretary of major choice &/or complete the necessary paper work on your census sheet during registration.
  • Make regular appointments with your advisor to continue to examine possibilities, obtain new information, decide on courses, etc.
  • Conduct an informational interview with a former Gustavus student who graduated in your major and is working in a possible career that interests you.
  • Explore & obtain a related internship or career exploration during J-Term.
  • During your summer break, obtain a summer job or volunteer in a position related to your career/major choice.
  • Research careers and occupations you've discovered during the investigating majors process