Reunion Committees

Reunion Committee Opportunities

There are many ways in which you can serve during your reunion year. Here are many of the areas in need:

  • Encourage friends to attend the reunion
  • Make a meaningful gift to Gustavus during the reunion cycle (June 1 - Reunion)
  • Help recruit others to be on the reunion committee
  • Make personal contacts with classmates via phone, email, or letter, inviting them to the reunion, gathering news/notes, and inviting them to make a gift to Gustavus during the reunion cycle.
  • Write a guest paragraph for a class letter
  • Submit photos of Gustavus days
  • Scan photos from yearbooks
  • Host a reunion committee meeting
  • Coordinate class letters
  • Prepare a reunion program or a printed piece for distribution
  • Search and secure an event location
  • Help identify and personally invite donors from your class
  • Make thank you calls or write thank you notes to class donors
  • Assist with class web page
  • Create a memory board for the reunion
  • Organize a memorial for the deceased classmates
  • Chair the communications, events, or giving programs mentioned below

Gustavus Reunion Model


Class letters will be more frequent this year. We recommend one letter each month, instead of the traditional three each year. On the Communications Goal Worksheet, you will fill in volunteers who are willing to be a guest writer. Reach out to the different student life areas where a note from the choir president, the class president, or the football captain might be the inspiration for your classmates to attend your reunion.

Personal contact by the committee members to as many classmates as possible will help encourage your classmates to come home for the reunion. The excitement about the reunion comes from you, the volunteer, and will build the momentum of the reunion.

E-mail is a powerful source of communication. A minimum of two email communications will be delivered to your class prior to the reunion with details on the reunion. As you talk with classmates, be sure to collect their email address for our records.


Together the committee will decide which location to hold their event: on campus, in St. Peter, the Twin Cities, or elsewhere. Once the location has been chosen, the Events Chair will work with the Office of Alumni Relations for any on campus activities. Off site locations will be coordinated by the Events Chair and communicated to the Office of Alumni Relations for any contract signing, deposits, and/or questions.

Weekend activities will vary for every class, yet there will be activities for everyone during Commencement and Homecoming Weekends. Review the past reunion schedules and the current year schedule of events for an idea of other happenings around campus.


The college relies on alumni for their annual fund gifts. Without the support of alumni, parents, friends, and even current students, Gustavus would not be able to support students with the many scholarships, programs and financial aid that it currently offers. One way in which the reunion committees can make a difference is to invite a gift from their classmate or share the goals that the committee has chosen for its class. Remember, fundraising is all about the students and is what will help keep Gustavus affordable to future Gusties. Through reunion giving, past generations will be supporting current and future generations to continue the legacy of Gustavus.

The three-year pledge is another way that we can make a difference. All gifts and pledges received between June 1 and the reunion dates will be celebrated at the reunion.

A Class Endowed Scholarship is something the class may consider setting a goal for during the reunion year. Typically, this will start with the 25th or subsequent reunions. An endowed scholarship requires $25,000 in order for it to start giving a scholarship of roughly $1,000 each year to a student with financial need. This endowed scholarship will be honoring your class forever.