Class of 2010

April 2012

April 1, 2012  (April Fool’s Day)

Hey Class of 2010!

Check out what your classmates have been up to lately:

  • Soren Hoeger-Lerdal was signed by the Sidney Tigers Cricket Club.  Soren will be moving to Australia in August.
  • Mariah Bierl has made a full recovery from her ACL repair surgery and will be competing in the Womenʼs 20km Race Walk on August 11 at the 2012 Olympics in London.
  • Kerri Groff was recently accepted into the Juilliard School of Aerobic Dance and will begin classes this fall.
  • Alex Brakke Sedlemayr and husband Jeff are expecting twins this June.  They are taking name recommendations at:
  • Casey Enevoldsen has decided to return to school to pursue a career in herbology and oriental medicine.
  • Andrew Michelson has accepted the position of superintendent for the Minneapolis Public School District.
  • Carrie Gundersen recently moved to New City, ND to capitalize on the shale oil boom.  She loves getting mail and would love a Gustie pen pal.
  • Cathryn Nelson has recently joined a local circus group.  She always knew that being a member of the Juggling Club at Gustavus would set her up for success!
  • Kelsy Cowdin published her first novel this past month.  It takes place in a desert and is titled “Thirst Games.”  It is expected to rake in a lot of money when it comes out on video in 2020.  Congratulations Kelsey!
  • Mark Pedginski recently returned from a pharmacy school sabbatical in South America.  While there, he adopted a starving Tapir.  Says Mark, “I knew I could give it a better life in Nebraska.”
  • Luke Paquin will be featured as a realtor in the upcoming Bravo series “Million Dollar Listings:  North Dakota.”
  • Derek Holm has started development on a new website, where members can identify and track other Gusties using the campus parking stickers that remain on alumni vehicles.
  • Amber Hanson is now traveling around the country as Campaign Press Manager for Rick Santorum.
  • Adam Strand is volunteering with Doctors Without Borders at a walk-in cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai.  Way to serve, Adam!
  • Sam Paulson received a job offer to be the Chewbacca for the upcoming Star Wars "Star Tours" exhibit at Disney Hollywood Studios.
  • Brianne Ruedy is six months pregnant this April, and will also be celebrating her third full month being drug free.  We support you Brianne!
  • Jenny Broman will be quitting her job in advertising for a slower pace.  She will soon be moving to Vista, California to join the hippie commune Twelve Tribes Community in Vista.  She would love to share her new lifestyle by hosting fellow Gusties at her new residence, Tipee 4.
  • Tara Blinn has recently retired of the traditional form of clothing and moved to Florida's Caliente Nudist Community.
  • Kelli Ludwig recently ended her city to city jaunt supporting the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.
  • Katelyn Johnson is moving to Japan for the hell of it.
  • Amara Berthelsen will be joining a convent this summer.
  • Kyle Goodfellow will be starting his first year of training to be a sex therapist beginning in the fall of 2012.

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

2010 Class Officers