Class of 2009

November 2013

5-Year Reunion

Class of 2009

Reunion dates ― October 4, 2014

Greetings Class of 2009!

We write to you today to remind you of a few things:

Five Year Reunion

If you all took at least The Nature of Math at Gustavus, you probably realize that in 2014 it will have been five years since we graduated from Gustavus.  Crazy!  We are long due for a get-together.

We would like you to take a short survey for planning purposes.  This is your chance to have a voice in the reunion.  Visit to take our survey!

We are also looking for some dedicated individuals to help us plan the reunion.  We are going to need help with communications, publicities, giving, as well as party planning.  Please let us know as soon as possible.  We would like to start talking in August of this year.  Please email us to let us know if you want to be involved:

Wanted: Annual Fund Chair

We are looking to fill the position of Annual Fund Chair for the Class of 2009.  Here is the description of the role right out of the 2013–14 Gustavus Class Officer Handbook:

The annual fund chair, in coordination with the Manager of the Gustavus Annual Fund, by demonstration, education, and solicitation, develops a culture of philanthropy for Gustavus within each class member so that they will participate in the Gustavus Annual Fund.  Using class letters and other communication methods, the chair builds class awareness of the Gustavus Annual Fund and educates how the Gustavus Annual Fund supports students and the College.  Solicitation of class for gifts should be done in conjunction and coordination with the Manager of the Gustavus Annual Fund.

Annual Fund Chair responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate—Make an annual gift to the Gustavus Annual Fund.  It is much easier to ask for gifts if you have already given and demonstrated your philanthropy to the College.
  • Educate—Inform class members about the importance, need and outcomes of the Gustavus Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund is made up of unrestricted and restricted gifts given annually and used by the College during the College fiscal year, June 1-May 31.
  • Invite—Personal invitation, particularly with your top 15-25 donors, is the most effective approach.  It provides you an opportunity to share your enthusiasm about your own support for the College through the Gustavus Annual Fund.  You can also answer any questions that your classmates may have and encourage them to become engaged in other aspects of the College.  Also, by putting a gift request in writing, you will have the opportunity to add a note with specific items of interest, highlight upcoming events and dates that you want to add to the solicitation.  The advantage of electronic requests (e-mail and social media) is that they can be delivered and answered outside of normal business hours.  They can drive people to the giving website and give them the ability to attach documents that may be of interest to your classmates.
  • Acknowledge—The College sends official acknowledgement and receipt of gifts.  The College sends a monthly communication that informs class officers about classmates’ gifts and pledges and recommends that the annual fund chair, team, and other officers personally acknowledge those gifts and pledges.  A handwritten note, a personal email, or a phone call are the best thank you and are fun to receive.
  • Report—In class letters, report results of dollars and donors to the Gustavus Annual Fund.  Highlight names of committee volunteers and compare and contrast with other classes to build class pride and competition.  Year-end results of the Gustavus Annual Fund will be sent to all class officers.
If you are interested in the position, please email:

Class News/Update Your Info

We are helping the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement in tracking down the most current and up-to-date information.  If you have moved anytime since graduation, or have any tidbits of news from your life (new job, new baby, new spouse) let Gustavus know by emailing


Your 2009 Class Officer Team,

Shawn Grygo            

2009 Class President

Chris Edelbrock

2009 Reunion/VP Chair

Maggie Hedlund

2009 Comunications Chair

Nicole Parris Jacobs

2009 Recruiment Chair

Campus News

President Ohle Announces Retirement

Jack R. Ohle, the 16th President of Gustavus Adolphus College, has announced his retirement effective at the end of the 2013-14 academic year when he will complete his sixth year as president of the College.  He began his service to Gustavus on July 1, 2008, and will officially retire on June 30, 2014.  Ohle submitted, and the Board accepted, a letter announcing his retirement to the Board of Trustees at its June meeting.  The Board of Trustees has initiated a search to find President Ohle’s successor who will begin serving the College in the summer of 2014.

Nobel Conference XLIX

What is the universe made of?  Where did it come from?  Where is it going?  These questions were explored at Nobel Conference 49, “The Universe at Its Limits,” held October 1 and 2.  Eight invited speakers and about 5,000 guests explored these questions in the light of recent discoveries and spent time contemplating both their scientific and philosophical implications.

Early Gustavus Alumni Connections

This brand new pilot program, also known as EGAC, matches recent Gustie grads with a First Year Gustie student for help in navigating life "on the hill," understanding the myriad of programs and activities that are available, and simply give the students a great Gustie grad as a resource.  More information will be forthcoming as this exciting new program progresses through its first year.

Upcoming Events

Festival of St. Lucia – Dec. 12

Twin Cities Gustie Breakfast – Dec. 18

Phoenix Chapter gathering, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort - Feb. 4

Tucson Chapter gathering - Feb. 6