Class of 2005
September 2010

5-Year Reunion ― September 24 - 25, 2010

Class of 2005,

The waning days of the season roll along and we do our best to enjoy every minute of what summer still has to offer.  The jam-packed Redbull Flugtag event at Harriett Island with fellow classmate J.R. Friesen; an Uptown dinner gathering with Kristen Gupta, Emily Miller and French professor Laurent Déchery; breakfast during a layover with college roommate Nate Lund and his wife, Christine, who are soon expecting their first baby girl.  September already?  Time flies by!

Yes it’s true, five years have already passed since our last moments as students up on the Hill, and yet for me it is easy to remember the emotions of that big graduation day.  Outside the chapel in black cap and gown, we stood unified in a long, winding line as we prepared for our grand stadium entrance…blue sky and those jungle plants in bloom, smiles and sunglasses, silence and reflection.  I was homesick coming to Gustavus as a freshman, but now as a senior I found myself sickened by the sudden reality of having to leave.  The uncertainty and excitement of the “real world” was overwhelming!

I recently competed in the Ragnar Great River Relay, a team running relay which covered 193 miles from the craggy hills of Winona to the skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis.  While reflecting on this experience I thought, “Isn’t this, in some ways, similar to the long journey that we’ve all taken since graduation day 2005?”  We left Gustavus as if on a race, eager to hurriedly put our individual talents and education to use.  Some of us moved far away to new places while others headed back home.  We went for a post-graduate degree or landed a salaried job.  Engagement.  Marriage.  Travel.  A promotion.  A first house.  A first baby.  So much has been achieved by each of us in such a short period of time, and along the way we have continued to build and strengthen the friendships that began on campus.  Us Gusties, the class of 2005, continue to shine!

Homecoming is just weeks away…I hope you join us for this five-year celebration!


Ben Brueshoff

2005 Guest Letter Writer


Registration is open!  Visit to register and be listed with the 50+ of us who are already on the “Who’s planning to Attend” page on our class webpage

Friday, September 24

 8:00 p.m.    Class Gathering at Smalley’s 87 Club in Minneapolis.  Only $15

                    Come enjoy some food and drink with your favorite Gusties! 

Saturday, September 25

10:00 a.m.   Morning Praise - Don’t you wish you had this option some days?

11:00 a.m.   Hospitality Tent – Free snacks/pop, hanging out with friends, what could be better?

11:30 a.m.   Homecoming parade – look for Gus, he’s alive and well!

 1:00 p.m.    Men’s Soccer vs. St. Johns

 1:30 p.m.  Football game vs. St. Olaf (come get your BOO on!)

  2:00 p.m.   Homecoming Seminar (for those who’d rather not watch the game!)

  3:30 p.m.   Class Gathering at 5th Quarter (FREE CHIPOTLE CHIPS AND SALSA!

That’s worth the drive down!)

 5:00 p.m.    Women’s volleyball vs. Northwestern

 7:30 p.m.    Comedian Scott Novotny ’75 (check out his website – he’s funny!)

And last but not least, if you haven’t yet had a chance to give a little back to Gustavus─please consider mailing back, the card that’s included with this letter, a gift of $5 or more on behalf of our class.  Consider the 2005 Class Endowed Scholarship we started─we’ve raised 10% of what’s needed, now let’s get it to 25% by the reunion.  You can also make your gift when you register, or you can go online to

Make your gift today!  Check the box marked “I want to designate my gift for 2005 Class Endowed Scholarship” to help support the students who follow in our footsteps.  We hope to lead as a great example of what young alumni classes can do to support the great institution we went to.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the reunion!

2005 Reunion Committee