Class of 2004
October 2006

Dear Classmates,

If you could do it all over again, would you still choose Gustavus?  This question has been posed to me multiple times since graduation and every time I answer without hesitation, “absolutely!”  This has always been an easy reply for me, but now being in the work world, it seems to be affirmed on a daily basis.  Using my Gustavus education and experiences, I was able to secure a job that I was prepared for and succeed in.  Proudly displayed in my cube is my Gustavus pennant I received when I was a prospective student and a half-dozen photos of Gustie memories…

Mandy Johnson, Austin Sponsel and I, and a Virginia state trooper, who was able to unlock my car after I mistakenly locked my keys in the trunk, rushed to make tip-off of the Gustie basketball game in Salem for the DIII Final Four.  Of course we wouldn’t have been in such a hurry if my little Honda Civic wouldn’t have overheated in West Virginia…who knew a turkey baster was really the solution to car problems!

Amy Springer and Sally Johnson ’06 posing with my crazy FuManchu on choir tour…  Always looking for a laugh, I shaved my J-term beard to reflect this ridiculous facial manifestation only to realize that we were running late to our next concert and I wouldn’t have time to quick shave it off before going on stage.  I’ll never forget the mortified look Dr. Aune gave me and the sarcastic comment about how I arrived straight out of a spaghetti western.

People at work will step into my cube, take a look at these ridiculous pictures and ask, “What is it with you Gusties and your school spirit…I just don’t get it?”  With this question, I just smile to myself knowing that they didn’t have the same experience I had at the U of M or St. Olaf.  There is just something about our college that emanates through the students that attend it.  It seems that every Gustie has a sense of pride and accomplishment that sticks with him or her and continues to grow even outside the confines of our four-year trek.  Gustavus has “it.”  That “it” is the reason why I have countless memories to share with anyone willing to listen.  The same reason I arrived as a shy teenager and left as an adult leader looking to leave my mark on society.  And the very same reason why, if I could do it all over again, I would be right back there on the hill.

Best wishes!

Josh Williams

2004 Co-class Agent


Gustavus was named one of the “fittest” colleges in the nation by Men’s Fitness magazine.  Gustavus is the only Minnesota college in the list of 25 institutions noted in the magazine’s November issue.  Ranking was based on data from the annual Princeton Review survey and included student opinions, as well as information on nutrition, health, and exercise participation and facilities.

Several upcoming building projects are on the docket starting off with the new Gustie football stadium.  The old stadium will be decommissioned after the Augsburg game, October 28, the last home game of the season.  In the future, Gustavus is also looking at expanding or renovating Nobel and creating a new social sciences building, among other possible projects.

In line with the focus topic of Nobel Conference 2007, future energy sources, Gustavus continues to forge ahead with erecting two wind turbines that would power the campus.  The turbines would produce about 5 megawatts of power (the campus currently uses approximately 3 megawatts) and help alleviate the $1.4 million per year cost of campus electricity.

Honor Roll of Donors

If you haven’t had a chance to find yourself online, please go to: to check out the 2005-2006 Honor Roll of Donors.  The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes those who made gifts to Gustavus between June 1, 2005, and May 31, 2006.  To find your name or check your class results, just point and click from your home or office computer.  For those who do not have access to a computer, you may call toll-free 866/487-3863 to receive a copy in the mail (supplies are limited).

Obtain Life Insurance at Group Rates

September was Life Insurance Awareness Month.  According to a recent national survey, 68 million Americans have no life insurance.  Fortunately, the Alumni Association sponsors a life insurance plan, Life for Life, with exceptional features and low initial rates.  Maximum coverage is $2 million and insurance can increase repeatedly even if your health fails and you become uninsurable.  Obtain information online with the Alumni Association partner, or call 800-635-7801 for more information about this and other sponsored insurance.

Omega Kappa Fraternity Celebrates 100 Years

The OKs celebrated 100 years of Modesty, Diversity, and Brotherhood on Saturday, October 21, at the Science Museum on Minnesota in St. Paul.  The evening was filled with stories, photos, shared memories, artifacts, histories, and singing.

Gustavus Alumni Professional Apparel

Check out the two new oxfords on sale online through the Gustavus Book Mark.  The Book Mark is offering a women’s and men’s long sleeve shirt in a variety of colors and sizes.  The shirt features an embroidered three crowns and Gustavus.  A great idea for holiday shopping for your favorite Gustie.  Check them out online only at

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

On Saturday, September 30, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletic Hall of Fame:  Deborah Jungwirth Borman ’87 - Volleyball, Tina Pulido Draper ’87 - Gymnastics, John Huepenbecker ’80 - Football, John Jambeck ’62 - Swimming, Deanne Sand Johnson ’89 - Tennis, Dick Kumlin ’55 (posthumously) – Basketball, Dan Prochnow ’78 - Golf, Jerilyn Ree ’88 - Basketball, and Stacey Rodman ’89 - Swimming. 

Gustavus Legacy Award for Gustavus Admission

Mark Anderson, Vice President of Admission and Student Financial Assistance, is pleased to announce the Gustavus Legacy Award for new students beginning with the incoming class of 2007.  Renewable awards of $2,500 per year are given to new students whose siblings are current Gustavus students or graduates or whose parents or grandparents are Gustavus alumni.  Scholarship recipients must have a high school grade point average of at least 3.5 or an ACT of 26 or an 1170 (Critical Reading + Math) on the SAT.  For more information contact the Admission Office at 800/GUSTAVU(S) or email


Guthrie Michael has joined the 2004 Class Agent ranks.   You may remember Guthrie as my fellow Co-President.  Yours truly was his best man this past September 2, in a very classy wedding to Julie Menard ’03.  Former Gustavus President, Dennis Johnson ’60 officiated, with fellow ’04s:  Anne Morris, Dave Schaps, Erica Olson, and Sarah Halle also joining in the fun.

It's Wedding Season, kids!

“What do you like better, Christmas or wedding season?

Jeremy raises his hand

Mr. Grey?

Yes.  The answer would be, um, wedding season?

Bingo!  I’m gonna get my suit.  Now who are we this time?

  • Carolyn Gamble to Tim Wanamaker.
  • Candice Cosens to Rodney Sikel.
  • Amy Koskela to Brian Gullikson on August 5, 2006.
  • Jodi Parks to Bob Bang on July 12, 2006.
  • Becky Popa to her high school sweetheart, Cory Ryan, August 6, 2005.
  • Leah Neal to Chris Renne on July 1, 2006.
  • Kate Sandvig to Gabe Ohrt on June 24, 2006.
  • Sarah Nelson to Corey Conlon on Sept. 3, 2006.
  • Katie Hoffman is engaged to Dan Anderson. 
  • Pat Tatro married Heidi Hulke. 
  • Adam Hennen has an April 29, 2007 wedding engagement to Gina Pustovar.
  • My freshman roomie, Dave Viljaste, is engaged to the lovely Annie Michaletz ’05. 

These Gusties are Kind of a Big Deal!

“I don't know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.


People know me.

Well, I'm very happy for you.

I’m very important.  I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”

  • Professional golfer extraordinaire, Neil Johnson, ripped up the courses in 2005 and is currently on the 2006 Hooters Tour.
  • Seth Midura and his brother, Luke, are owners of Grassroot Lawnmowing, a landscaping company employing nature-friendly grasses and fertilizers.
  • Karin Leonard Torrey is currently employed at Plato Learning.
  • Ami Cervin is working for the Greater Twin Cities United Way as an events and promotions coordinator.
  • Krystal Kegler Ide is a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital, while continuing her education at Bethel University.
  • Tony Kouba recently graduated from the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health with a degree in health services research, policy, and administration.
  • Katie Swenson is working on her master’s in social work at Augsburg College.
  • Kirsten Kaufmann is an RN/pediatric nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, while also attending the University of Minnesota for graduate school.
  • Emily Kofoed Brisse is a secondary English teacher at Watertown-Mayer High School.
  • Matt Smith works for Cintas Chemicals.
  • Garrett Kolpin is studying computer science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
  • Amy Ness is an asset manager at Arrow Electronics.
  • Former Co-President, Christian Quie, is developing his commodity trading career in Nebraska at Cargill, coaching a local soccer team, and promoting Gustavus with much enthusiasm to anybody and everybody!
  • Michael Lang is a national fleet sales manager with E-Ride Industries.
  • Theresa Wind is studying interior design at the Art Institute International.
  • Melissa Wulf is a staffing manager at Snelling Personal Services.
  • Mikaela Silkey is a second year law student at Creighton Law School and currently clerking for a federal magistrate judge.
  • Leah Neal Renne is a laboratory technician at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.
  • Jon Moody is a community liaison for a New York City council member.
  • Pat Tatro is an infantry platoon leader in C Co 2-135th and is currently part of the Minnesota National Guard deployment in Iraq.  God Bless.
  • Maria Langsjoen is at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, studying International Law.
  • Carrie Byron is a wildlife biology researcher at Yellowstone National Park.
  • Bill Holmquist is working on his MBA at U of M, Carlson School of Management.
  • Chris Zachar is studying at the University of Wisconsin, Madison Law School.
  • Abigail Carlson is studying at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
  • Laura Moses is an assistant assessment editor at Pearson Assessments.
  • Lisa Swenson is a mental health practitioner/behavior therapist at the Minnesota Autism Center.
  • Becky Popa Ryan received her master’s in education from Winona State University and is currently working as a K-5 science and K-8 technology teacher at St. John the Baptist School.
  • Katie Hoeschen is a visitor center coordinator with Dakota County.
  • Sarah Volz is studying at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Justin Finseth is a laboratory technician at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Abbie Peterson DeYonge is a lean specialist at Park Nicollet Health Services.
  • Amy Koskela Gullikson is an account manager with Unison, Inc.
  • Stefanie Briggs is a reporter with The Dickinson Press – Forum Communications Company.
  • Jon Abbott is employed with Allstate Insurance.
  • Eric Nelson is working on his master’s in psychology at Marquette University.
  • Katie Hoffman is studying at Creighton University Medical School.
  • Jayme Wilking is a family-based services provider with Nicollet County Social Services.
  • Candice Cosens Sikel is teaching band at the Shakopee Junior and Senior High Schools.
  • Kate Hueller is a human resources assistant at WinStar Mortgage Partners.
  • Ann Fossum is a GIS technician at Eastview Cartographic.
  • Tom Hutton is studying occupational therapy at the College of St. Catherine.
  • Signe Peterson is a designer/production specialist at Augsburg College.
  • Joe Palmer is an analytical chemist at Alternative Technologies, Inc.
  • Sarah Nihart is an editor at the Maple River Messenger.
  • Jon Farnsworth is studying law at St. Thomas School of Law.
  • Kristin Kyllo is getting her master of arts in teaching at Hamline University.
  • Kurt Bauerly is a general manager with E-Ride.
  • Sean Hogan is a program coordinator with Target Corporation.
  • Kyrstin Gustafson is director of youth ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake.
  • Alyssa LaVoie is teaching at Park Rapids Public Schools.

Before I leave you, I would like to encourage you to think of Gustavus by giving the gift of Gustavus to future Gusties.  I left our Class Agents’ Day meeting surprised that only 13.6% of our class participates in giving to Gustavus.  With all of our fond Gustavus memories, pay it forward by donating anything you can.  Most of us are still in school or aren’t making millions yet, so big money is obviously out of the question.  But what about giving:  $5, $14.68, or $25?  Let’s focus this year on raising that participation level.  You can also designate where you’d like your money to go…the PA’s, football, choir, just try to give a little something next time you get a call from Gustavus.

Make sure to keep us in the loop, because we want to talk about you in our letters!  Sorry if we missed you this time around, but we’ll make sure to get you in our next letter around January.  Visit the Gustavus web site to submit information or make a donation.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Much Love,

Josh, Amanda, Marnie, and Guthrie

2004 Co-class Agents