Class of 2004
October 2005

A Letter to the Class of 2004,

After completing our first year away from Gustavus, we have now had the opportunity to apply the things we learned up on the hill.  Some have taken full advantage of their degree and now continue their quest of knowledge in a graduate program.  Others have found exciting new jobs that they had hoped would be there upon graduation and amazingly enough, that dream came to fruition.  Most of us, however, have taken our impressive resumes, only to find our path to success is littered with difficulty and a position that leaves us yearning for more.

A major life lesson, which was consistently stressed at Gustavus, has prepared us for this situation and leaves us energized, rather than scared.  Perseverance is a trait Gusties know quite well.  During our four years as Gusties, we persevered through small dorm rooms with mismatched roommates, failed classes in our major, and inopportune mistakes in our most important extracurricular activity.  We had three different university presidents, got pelted with snow and straight-line winds daily, and started our sophomore year with the 9/11 tragedy.  Our Gustie years were the farthest thing from perfect, but to us, it was the best time of our lives and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  What made our time so special, though, were the friendships that we made while persevering through those tough times.

And maybe that is why I am not necessarily that frustrated or wary of where my career is heading right now.  Through perseverance and close personal Gustie friendships, I know I have the ability to go as far as I want with my dreams and if I fall along the way, my Gustavus family is waiting to catch me. 

Best wishes,

Josh Williams

2004 Co-class Agent

Where you at?  Whatcha doing?  Who’s engaged/married?

  • Melissa Habedank is working for Senator Dorgan of North Dakota in Washington D.C. 
  • Adam Hennen, employed as an auditor with Olsen, Thielen, & Co. Ltd., is engaged to Gina Pustovar. 
  • April Schaust is providing financial planning services with the Wealth Enhancement Group.
  • Angela Peterson was married to Charlie Potts ’01 this past summer.
  • Kurt Bauerly is a Pro-National Circuit Snowmobiler and helped start a new business, E-Ride.
  • Cassie Nielsen is working with Americorps, while she prepares for graduate school.
  • Keith Schwartz is a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas, obtaining his master’s in education. 
  • Amanda Frie is excited to be back at Gustavus working as an admissions counselor.
  • Ryan Gillespie was recently married to Jeremy Jirele this past July.
  • Kristin Koperski has been accepted to the health psychology concentration program at Nova Southeastern University.
  • Katie Dorn was engaged this past December and will be married in the spring of 2006. 
  • Tracy Larson is attending graduate school this fall and is a paraprofessional with the Lakeville school district.
  • John Cook, a substitute teacher with the Mankato school district, was engaged to Julie Lawrence, this past December.
  • Kara-Mia Medina is enjoying her daughter, Grace, who is now turning two.
  • Robert Handler and Shannon Martin are engaged! 
  • Katie Metzroth is now in Philadelphia working with Americorps.
  • Guthrie Michael is engaged to Julie Menard ’03 and is employed with U.S. Bank as a customer service manager.
  • Megan Nerison is a claims representative for Federated Insurance.
  • Kaitlin Kinsella is a resident counselor for the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch and was recently married to Chris Hoffman in May.
  • Lucas Tollefson is at Mankato State, studying mechanical engineering.
  • John Moody is now in the Big Apple, working in constituent services for a New York City councilman. 
  • Diana Yang was recently married to Jeff Messig.
  • Chris Boyer was involved in an unfortunate automobile accident and suffered traumatic brain injury.  Please keep him in your prayers as he begins a slow recovery process.
  • Michele Simmonds Jabs is a paralegal with Altera Law Group.
  • Kristina Skuster is a learner support associate with Capella University.
  • Rachel Schwingler is now studying at the University of Minnesota Dental School.
  • Rachel Johnson is a student financial counselor at Hamline University.
  • Patria Lawton is a marketing coordinator with Minnesota Wire & Cable Co., while obtaining her master’s in communication at Bethel.
  • Josh Williams is living in Eagan and is employed as a marketing manager with Cygnus Expositions, a national tradeshow company.

Gustavus Fund

Since we have had time to reflect upon our years at Gustavus, it is now our turn to give back.  Friends…please consider joining the Cec Eckhoff Society.  This is a fantastic way to make a commitment to the Gustavus Alumni Fund.  The pledge is tied solely to continuous annual support and not to any specific giving level.  Basically, you just make the pledge to give yearly at any comfortable amount and you gain membership into a nationally recognized society that affirms your appreciation for our extraordinary school.  You receive a Certificate of Membership, a Cec Eckhoff pin, and will be invited to a President’s reception annually.  It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple pledge of $20 a year can make.

Make sure to keep us in the loop, because we want to talk about you in our letters!  Visit the Gustavus web site to submit information or make a donation.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Much love,

Signe, Marnie, Crystal, Josh, and Amanda

2004 Co-class Agents