Class of 2001
October 2009

Happy Homecoming!

When you receive this letter Homecoming (Saturday, October 10) will have happened.  I have done my part as an alum to psych out the football players here at Pacific Lutheran University (where I work and who are traveling to St. Peter for the Homecoming Game), but I never was that intimidating to begin with so I don’t know how much I actually phased them.

This summer I was concerned to see an article by Forbes ranking colleges and universities by how much salary their alumni were making.  First place went to the graduates of Dartmouth College; their median salary (for alumni 10 – 20 years graduated) was $131,000.  This concerned me for two reasons.  The first of which, if you subtract $100,000, you will be able to approximate my annual income (but we’re still two years away from the 10 – 20 year category, so I have time to catch up).  The second concern was, “Since when did salary become the desired outcome for higher education?”  I can understand that in tough, economically challenging times that statistics like this can help some schools recruit students.  However, since Gustavus has yet to attain the title “Harvard of the Midwest” (Beloit can keep peddling that moniker), I don’t think our alma mater will be matching the top of the financial rankings any time soon.  Our college has been more akin to find other ways to compare ourselves to other colleges.  Unfortunately for the Forbes people, that means those classmates who spent time in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, non-prophet organizations, volunteering, etc. have seriously decreased our chances of making the list of high salary.  Former President Jim Peterson ’64 would ask alumni to be “louder and prouder” about who we are as Gusties, and I don’t recall the boast of “my classmates median income is five percentage points higher than your classmates median income” as one of the selling points of Gustavus.  (We tried it as a marketing tool, but the print was too small for the t-shirts when you tried to get the whole quote on the front of the shirt.)

Lana Elsenpeter Matzek recently went back to Gustavus to represent our class at the annual Volunteer Leadership Day and brought back some information on other national rankings that better fit our ethos:

  • 8th in the nation in Athletics (Beat ’em, Bust ’em, That’s our custom.)
  • 8th for Dining Service (Hey St. Olaf, our pasta is better than your pasta!)
  • 18th for Forensics (We done talk real pretty, too.)

As time passes, there continue to be new faculty and staff that start to work at Gustavus as those we know retire or move on to other endeavors.  A notable retirement this upcoming year is Mark Anderson ’66, Vice President for Admissions and Student Financial Assistance.  Whether or not the name is familiar to you, Mark played a part in your recruitment and admittance to Gustavus.  Of the 26,000 Gustavus alumni, Mark has recruited roughly half of the group since beginning in Admissions in 1983.  Also noteworthy, for many years Mark read every admission essay that came to Gustavus when he served in the capacity of Dean of Admissions.  His retirement will begin at the conclusion of the current school year.  For those of you who were connected with Mark while at Gustavus, I am sure he would appreciate a note of thanks either mailed or e-mailed to him during this upcoming year (

Go Gusties!

Hal DeLaRosby

2001 Co-class Agent

Class News

New Additions to the Family

Maren Lee was born to Michael and Nicole (Chrissotimos) Devereaux on November 14, 2008.

Ethan Patrick was born to Larry ’00 and Susan (Sultvedt) Engelhardt on March 8, 2009.

Cole was born to Kyle Hicok and Kristin Hicok on March 31, 2008.

Colby Rustin was born to Daryl and Dana (Prehn) Hoof on January 4, 2009.

Kembri Elise was born to Ashley Jensen and Cortnee Jensen on February 9, 2009.

Addison Elizabeth was born to Ryan Meulemans and Nicole Meulemans on October 14, 2009.

Griffin Willard was born to Kristin Kimball Olson and Linus Olson on February 8, 2009.

Tenleigh Anna was born to Ryan ’99 and Katie (Lovas) Vick on November 28, 2008.

Aiden Jeremy was born to Jeremy Zabel and Katie Carver Zabel ’03 on December 1, 2008.

Career Moves

Sarah O’Donnell is the head of investor relations for Cityscape, part of IIR Middle East, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ryan Erickson is employed at Barr Engineering as a geologist.

Jennifer Senn Gauwitz is a paralegal at CompuCredit Corp.

Heidi Friedrichs Hermel is a labor and delivery nurse at ISJ-MHS and adjunct faculty for Presentation College.

Ashley Jensen is a senior resident in radiation oncology at the Mayo Clinic.

Heidi Johnson is employed at Downtown Congregation to End Homelessness as a congregation organizer.

Brian Thatcher was promoted to the rank of sergeant within the Phoenix Police Department.

Jessica Wagner finished her anesthesiology residency at Yale and is currently a pediatric anesthesiology fellow at Children’s National Medical Center.

Educational Endeavors

Brookes Englebert has completed her master’s degree in exercise science.

Kara Derner has completed her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology of Argosy University.

Heidi Friedrichs Hermel is working on her master of nursing family nurse practitioner degree.

Jackie McKeown Maman has completed her master’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago in modern art history, theory and criticism.


The picture above was sent in by Jacqueline Lindo taken at her wedding to Dawn Schmidt on July 5, 2009.  Front (L to R):  Debra Ivanoff-Hastings, Jay Botsford, Dawn Schmidt, Jacqueline Lindo.  Back (L to R):  Dave Zalewsk, Travis Nygard ’02, Maggi Cage and Jennifer Wetherbee VanRiper.

Andrew Siegmann married Melissa Schroepfer in January 2009.

Justin Zoch married Whitney Johnson in November 2008.

Andrew Fitch and Tara Barnes ’05 were married on June 21, 2008.

Bobby Johnson and Melissa Watson were married on June 20, 2009.

Kristen Richter and Mikell Franke were married on October 11, 2008.

Jenn Senn and Nicholas Gauwitz were married in December 2008.

Tim Sundby and Amy Wayda were married on July 19, 2008.

Emily Wattnem and Christopher Grossman were married on May 17, 2008.

Share your information

The information that is contained within this newsletter has been submitted either to Gustavus or to your class agent directly for publication.  If you have a marriage, new addition to the family, education, career, or miscellaneous updates that you would like us to publish in our next newsletter, there are two methods of submission.

First, you can send the information to Gustavus via the web page ( by clicking on Alumni and then “Your News,” or send an email to: then both Gustavus and your class agents will receive the news.  Of course you can always email or mail the information directly to one of your class agents.  So, get on the web and send us your info!  Our next publication is scheduled for January 2010.  If you plan to graduate, get married, enroll in a new educational program, add new members to your family, make a career move, or do something else that is of interest to our class, please let us know!

Hal DeLaRosby  and Lana Elsenpeter Matzek

2001 Co-class Agents

Campus News

Gustavus gets High Rankings

Gustavus Adolphus College is listed as the 33rd best liberal arts college in the country according to a new set of college rankings released on Thursday, September 3, by Washington Monthly magazine.  The publication states on its website that schools were ranked based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories:  social mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and Ph.D.s), and service (encouraging students to give something back to their country).

Gustavus once again ranked among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation in U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings.  Gustavus moved up eight places from last year’s rankings to 80th on the magazine’s “Best Liberal Arts College’s” list.  Gustavus is one of six Minnesota colleges that placed in the top 100 in this year’s rankings.  One of the measures used to capture the various dimensions of academic quality at each college is alumni giving percentage; therefore, participating in a giving program at Gustavus, regardless of amount given, is important to the College.

GLA Membership

All of us remember the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library.  It was a place for study and, depending on your era, finding a “coffee date.”  But, in the 21st century, it has become much more.  It is a technology-rich laboratory for learning and a storehouse of culture and recorded knowledge.  It must constantly be strengthened to ensure excellence in education.  The Gustavus Library Associates (GLA) provides financial support for the library and a program of events to its members.  Join this year and immediately make a difference.  Whatever membership gift level you choose, 100% goes directly to the library’s acquisition budget.  Join today at!!!

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfast

Once a month, Gusties gather for coffee, breakfast, and great conversation along with a campus speaker.  All Gusties are welcomed and invited to the breakfast, third Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard.  Cost is $10 at the door.

Upcoming speakers:

President Jack R. Ohle – Oct. 21

Chaplain Brian Johnson ’80 – Nov. 18

Thomas Young ’88 – Dec. 16

Upcoming Events

  • Athletics Hall of Fame – October 17, 2009
  • Gustavus Library Associates – A Royal Affair – November 14, 2009
  • Farewell for Steve and Barb Wilkinson, Minneapolis Hyatt - December 12

royal affiar