Class of 2000
Alumni Perspective: Nissa Stolp Fell

When I was in Wal-Mart this summer buying sunscreen for my daughter, I was blasted with back to school items the moment I walked in the store.  And I swear it was still in June.  There was a small kiosk of sunscreen, but the majority of the displays were notebooks, folders, pens, paper, highlighters, glue sticks, crayons, and my personal favorite, dorm supplies.  You know, the cheap coffee maker that breaks 4 pots into the semester, the mini fridge that gets so banged up on its first 4 flights up to the room that it doesn’t even look new anymore, and the linens that you so carefully pick out which are certainly not going to match your roommates, unless you are a certain pair who coordinated…props roomie!  Ah, the memories of moving in to college.  I’m glad it’s over, but I have successfully found a way to relive the moments every year.

Since coming back to work for our alma mater two years ago I have been caught on numerous occasions telling individuals it is like being back at college without the stress of college.  And I mean it.  I get to go to college events, I get to be involved in the college community, I get to show “Gustie” pride, AND I have the privilege of serving the students that we used to be. 

I am the Nurse Practitioner in the Student Health Service and see students for a myriad of issues.  I’m certain the Student Health Service has grown significantly since we were students on campus (and in September as much as I’d love to give you a tour and fill your ear full of the wonderful services we provide, I will be participating in the homecoming festivities and not at work).  In a nutshell, our office is a legitimate, full-service clinic on campus.  No need to go see someone off campus or back home.  For most everything you need, we can deliver.  From prescriptions to illness evaluation, from physicals to immunizations, it is available in Health Service. 

It is a job I hold with honor.  I am able to connect with students on so many levels and help them navigate through the growing years of college.  Take a moment to reflect back on your growing years and think about the memories, friends, colleagues, and connections to Gustavus you have.  Think of that first day you drove by those loud, crazy Gustie Greeters and how proud you were to be joining the Gustie family (I still get a smile on my face when I get to drive through them that first day every fall!).  Think about how much you changed during your journey through college and how much fun you had doing it.  Think of that day in May we donned our caps and gowns, turned our tassels and smiled tears of joy.  Most importantly, think about coming back to good ‘ol G-A-C in September for our 10 year reunion to re-connect and share all those memories that just put that big smile on your face.  I’ll see you there!

Nissa Stolp Fell