Class of '98
November 2007

10-Year Reunion ― October 4, 2008

Greetings to the Class of ’98!

My name is Nate Saul, and I’m writing on behalf of our class’s 10-year reunion planning committee.

As many of you are already aware, we are quickly approaching our 10-year reunion.  This letter is the first step in our effort to get as many people as possible involved in and exited about the upcoming festivities!  The reunion planning committee has already met twice, and we’d like to let you know who we are, what our reunion is going to look like, and what you can expect leading up to the big event.

I’ll start off with the most interesting part―the reunion itself.  We have decided to do all of our activities on campus, in one day, to encourage as many people as possible to revisit the campus and see all the changes which have taken place since we graduated.  Saturday, October 4, 2008 is our big day!  There will be tailgating in a Class of ’98 tent, the homecoming football game, kids’ activities, tours, arb walks, seminars, and exclusively for our class we are planning a happy hour, a work-casual-type dinner and program, and a presentation of the First Decade Awards for early professional achievement (see below).  During the evening activities (including the happy hour), childcare will be provided, supervised by volunteer Gustavus student groups.  We’ll have more details on all of this as we get closer to the weekend.

As this entire event is centered around all of us, our graduating class, we would like to ask you for a number of things.  First, we need pictures and stories from your time at Gustavus.  We would like to use these in future class letters, for displays at the reunion events, and as parts of the after-dinner program.  Please send photos (scanned or digital copies, please) and anecdotes you’d like to contribute to the Alumni Office via email at

Second, we need nominees for the First Decade Awards.  There will be one male and one female recipient of this award.  The Alumni Board selects the recipients, but we make all the nominations.  If this award sounds like it applies to someone you know from our class, please send your nomination(s) to the Alumni Office at

In preparation for this 10-year milestone, we are starting a concerted fundraising effort.  We will give you much more information about our efforts in the January letter.  We will be contacting all of you during the next few months to talk about contributing to the Alumni Fund on behalf of the class of ’98.  And if, by any chance, you are interested in making some kind of donation right now, please look online at

The 1998 Class Reunion committee members are:

Karen Delgehausen –

Gigi Wait Dobosenski –

Angie Henrikson Fahl –

Erin Tripp Halverson –

Sara Huntley –

Kari Lipke –

Keegan O’Brien Louis –

Brad Peterson –

Julie Austrums Saul –

Nate Saul –

Alicia Sutphen Schimke –

Mike Strong –

Jim Timmerman –

We’re dedicated to be providing a wonderful experience at our 10-year reunion, and we are always interested in talking to anyone who wants to help in any way.

Hello, everyone!  Kari Lipke here, breaking into Nate’s letter briefly to give you the low-down on our reunion-year giving and participation goals.

In the tenth year, most of us have either finished paying off our student loans, or we're close.  Hopefully we are also at a place in life to recognize that our Gustavus education was an excellent investment.  And not only in our work lives!  We are family members, friends, volunteers in our many communities, and citizens of this nation and the world.  Gustavus was very likely a force, if we reflect honestly, in helping shape how we learn, live and grow in these various life arenas.

Gustavus is still a place where students are rigorously (and sometimes personally) challenged, as well as supported and encouraged.  It is a community that holds certain values―excellence, community, service, justice and faith―above others.  It is a mission-driven place, fostering life-long learning, leadership and service in our brother and sister students.

Our 1998 reunion committee believes that a worthy goal, as we mark our tenth year, is to keep these current sister and brother students at the center of our celebration.  So we propose to raise the equivalent of one year’s tuition, room and fees as they exist for this present generation of students.  Our goal, therefore, is $35,310.00.  Of that, $28,125 is for tuition; $4,275 is for room; $2,500 is for board; and $410 is for student fees.  There are 529 active alumni in our class.  We are hoping to so convincingly engage 40% of you this year (that's 212 people), that you will give a financial contribution AND attend our 10-year reunion.  If 40% of you give, it will take $167 each to meet our goal.  If 100% give, it will take $67 per person.

Now, this is an ambitious goal for our class!  By way of example, so far this year we’ve had about 18% of our class make a gift.  Last year, our total dollars raised were less than $7,000.00.  We are aware that life circumstances are different for all of us―some of you can afford to give more, some of you must give less, just like when we were here as students!  Our hope, though, is that more of you will give what you can in this year of reflection and celebration.  Thanks!

Class News

  • Keith Carlson Fredrick, Big Lake, is a production manager for Minnesota Native Landscapes.
  • Bob Fossum, St. Paul, is employed at Capitol Region Watershed District.  Rachel Whitcomb Fossum works as a business analyst for Target Corporation.
  • Ben Haddorff, West Bend, WI, is a financial advisor for Waddell & Reed.
  • Ryan Hagemeier, Madison, WI, is corrective and preventative action process leader for GE Healthcare.
  • Christine Nelson Karki, Robbinsdale, is curriculum manager for the Guthrie Theater.
  • Glenn Kranking completed a year of research in Sweden, Estonia, and Russia for his doctoral dissertation funded by a scholarship from the American Swedish Institute and the American Scandinavian Foundation and returning as a doctoral candidate in the department of history at Ohio State University.
  • Keegan O'Brien Louis, Colorado Springs, CO teaches kindergarten at Christa McAullife at Cimarron Hills Elementary School.
  • Rueben Nilsson, Minneapolis, is quality systems coordinator for Faribault Dairy.
  • Landon Pirius, Bloomington, received a Ph.D. in educational policy and administration from University of Minnesota.  Rebecca Moen Pirius is a legislative analyst/attorney for the Minnesota House of Representatives.
  • Jennifer Robe Reiland, Oshkosh, WI, is an optometrist in Oshkosh.
  • Andrea Menge Tysdal, Chanhassen, is vice president and general manager for JEM Technical Marketing, Inc.
  • Annaliese Hemberger Reid, Southborough, MA, teaches English at St. Mark’s School.  Shawn Reid is associate director of admission and boys’ hockey coach at St. Mark’s School.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of planning, and we’ll keep you all up-to-date on any new developments.


Nate Saul

Reunion Committee Member

Class of ’98