Class of '98
September 2003

Dear Classmates,

I just got back from presenting St. Peter Community Service opportunities to a Gustavus First Term Seminar class.  As part of my introduction, I mentioned that I attended Gustavus as a student not too long ago.  One of them asked when it was that I graduated, and I replied, “’98,” to which she replied “Oh!  Wow!!”  So either she thinks I look young for my advanced age, or she thinks I have a funny concept of what constitutes “not too long ago”.  Considering that she and her classmates were only 13 when we graduated, and only 9 when we started here, it’s probably the latter answer!

Why, you may ask, am I sharing this story?  To remind you, naturally, that you’ll want to make sure to attend our class reunion “not too long” from now!!  It may seem like only yesterday that we were all on the hill sharing quality time with friends and classmates, but in reality, five long years have passed! 

So come and see who that intelligent, funny, kind-hearted woman (the one from your 8 a.m. biology class who helped keep you awake) is dating now.  Or maybe she’s still single …

Or catch up with that friend whose contact information you lost in your third post-college move.

Or re-live some good times with your first-year section mates, because sometimes it IS fun (and thus healthy) to live in the past (but just for a little while)!

The reunion is Friday, September 26, at 7 p.m., Grandma’s Saloon and Grill, Seven Corners, Minneapolis; and Saturday, September 27, starting at 10 a.m. back on the hill at Gustavus (pre-game party for our class from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Hollingsworth Field End Zone).  Call in now to RSVP if you haven’t already!  800/487-8437.

And just to prep you for the reunion experience, here are some questions to consider.  There may be a quiz, so pay attention!

  1. What’s the funniest memory you have of your time at Gustavus; or the funniest thing that’s happened to you since?
  2. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever run into a fellow Gustie?
  3. What’s the greatest thing that’s happened to you since graduation?
  4. What’s the most exciting or farthest point of travel you’ve visited since graduation?

To get your brain primed, Class Agent Erin Tripp has supplied an answer to Question #3:

Since graduation, I've done some great things. I’ve done some traveling, coached my Mock Trial team to the State meet 3 times, and accomplished some great things at work. But, like many of you, the truly greatest thing I've done is earn my master's degree.  Mine is in education and leadership, and my program was through Southwest State University.

As anyone who has obtained an advanced degree knows, it's extremely time-consuming and, at times, life-consuming. I think the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing an advanced degree is extremely fulfilling though.  So for anyone who is considering doing it, I strongly encourage you! The process of life-long learning is something that was instilled in me through my parents, teachers, and, of course, at Gustavus.  

I have an answer for #4, but you’ll have to look me up at Grandma’s to hear it …

Erin also wanted to give you her perspective on financial giving to Gustavus.  She was amazed that there are so many in our class who don’t feel ready to make the financial commitment.  She was in that boat herself until recently, but now she’s a believer!  Here’s Erin again:

For those of you out there who have yet to give back to Gustavus, I know that there are many reasons why you have yet to do so. I was one of those people myself. I thought that I was not financially able to make a gift that was substantial enough to make a difference. I also thought that I didn't want to give on a monthly basis because I didn't want another "bill" coming in the mail.

After a conversation last year with a fellow Gustie I learned about a very convenient and painless way to give that was also within my budget. Through a partnership with Thrivent, formerly Lutheran Brotherhood, Gusties have the option of giving to Gustavus through an automatic payment from their checking or savings account. For me this worked out great!

When I began giving I gave $10 a month. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you add up how much $10 or $20 a month is over the course of the year, it's a nice sum. It was also painless because $10 or $20 a month doesn't put a strain on your budget.  Also, through Thrivent, the payment comes out of your account automatically at the beginning of every month. And the best part is, you get a reminder from Gustavus every month that the money was taken out.

If you’re interested in this easy option you can check out more info on the Giving to Gustavus website at  Also, remember it is a tax deduction at the end of the year!

Okay, I want to keep this letter short and sweet so that you a.) read it, and b.) come to the reunion to get the rest of your class news.  So, just to whet your appetite:

  • Mark Elvecrog graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School in May of 2003.  If you were ever friends, maybe now’s the time to re-connect (subtle hint:  AT THE REUNION).  Someday, he might be in a position to give you a discount on your kid’s braces!
  • Bohdan Vadis and Erika Clemens ’00 were married on February 1, 2003, in lovely Christ Chapel on the Gustavus hill.  Can’t you just picture that wonderful structure.  Wouldn’t you love to see it again?  (Like, for example, AT THE REUNION.)
  • Christy and Adrian Anderson have a little boy named Elijah.  He’s just over a year old – an age with a high cuteness factor.  (Hey!  Maybe they’ll bring him, or photos, TO THE REUNION!)
  • John Buckley is traveling the world.  New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.  He’s away until next April or May for sure.  Sad.  He’ll miss the reunion.  Don’t be like John!  Don’t miss the reunion!  (Gosh, who would choose a year of exotic travel over our FIVE-YEAR CLASS REUNION?!) 

There’s much more to tell, so come to the reunion to find out what people are doing.  Find CloEve Demmer, Erin Tripp or me at the reunion to get your update in the next letter.  And if, for some tragic reason, you are unable to attend, email and they’ll pass your update along.


Kari Lipke

Co-Class Agent