Class of '97

October 2011

15-Year Reunion ―  October 12-14, 2012

Hello Friends and Classmates,

This letter is from your Gustavus classmate Barbara Freimuth Siefken. I want to introduce myself as the Class of 1997 Annual Fund Officer.  I will be serving as a liaison for our class’s annual fund and the College; this is a position I’m quite excited about.  I’ve wanted to give more to Gustavus and have of late been a bit melancholic about loosing touch with many of you.  This opportunity will give me a chance to both serve the College with my time and talent, as well as renew some friendships and acquaintances that have been too long silent.

I’m also writing to ask for your help in joining our class leadership team.  Gustavus classes are now organized by class officers including president, vice president/reunion chair, communications chair, Gustavus annual fund, and student recruitment chair. We need to fill the positions of president, communication chair, v.p./reunion chair, and student recruitment chair.  It would be great if others would join me as we prepare for our 15-year reunion next fall.  The work needs to begin soon. “Many hands make light work,” and I would be grateful if you would consider filling one of these roles.  Even better … call a friend and tag-team it!  A class officer handbook is attached to provide more information about the new class leadership structure.  This new program has been well received by other classes and I hope our class will do the same.

By now you should have received a special mailer from the Gustavus Annual Fund.  Please consider joining me with a special donation to mark this Sesquicentennial year.  I will be providing more detailed information throughout the year regarding the College’s goals and how our class can make a big impact.  Last year only 77 of us donated to the fund.  Our class numbers 544 and I believe we can support the College in a more significant way.  When I consider just what Gustavus gave to me, I am humbled and realize that what I have to give back is of no equal measure.  However, I also have come to realize that what the College DOES with my gifts is where the magic happens.  Allowing Gustavus to carry on not only ensures my kids can someday experience their own version of the College, but also provides me a connection to the Hill that I have (admittedly) lost over the past 15 years.

Please join me in supporting our beloved alma mater, and making our 15th year celebration a time to reconnect as a class.


Barbara Freimuth Siefken ’97

Class Annual Fund Chair