Class of '97
December 2006

10-Year Reunion ― October 12 &13, 2007

December 2006 Greetings

It’s that time of year when we realize your mailbox is full of cards, letters with photos of people’s kids/dogs/horses…and catalogs.  Here’s one with no photos, no sappy greetings, and no bell ringer (sort of…see below “giving” opportunity).

We are serving as Communication Co-Chairs for this year leading up to our 10 year reunion (October 12-13, 2007).  Fortunately (or unfortunately), that means your hard working Class Agents will be working on other tasks and we will be covering the class letter writing.  Throughout the next few months we’ll be featuring “Guest Writers” in the letters, so watch for your favorite classmates to retell a story or two to get us all in the spirit of Reunion Time!

Barb (Freimuth) and Shannon Siefken

We hope you enjoy this month’s guest writer, Noah Rouen:

So my first thoughts when asked to write a guest column for our class newsletter promoting the upcoming reunion were “Does Willy’s have a nursery?”  And, man I wish I would have gotten that “Partyology” t-shirt in XL.  Those of you that know me might laugh as I have succeeded in turning the Freshman 15 into a 30 by 30.  They say with age comes wisdom, they didn’t say that included a 38 waist.  Yes Mr. Chose that is a tight 38.

I can joke with Adam Chose, because I married his wife’s (Nicole Engel) younger sister, Keri (Engel ’99). Yeah Baby!  So in one day I inherited a Gustie brother in-law, Gustie sister in-law and Gustie father in-law, all 6’6” 250 plus of him.  Did I mention that Gustavus used to have a good football team?  He reminds me of this at family gatherings.  Most of our whole big Gustie Family will be at the reunion on October 12-13, 2007 (first shameless plug).

I also thought about writing a “My Name is Earl” letter, to right passed wrongs, but honestly Kari Fletcher, I don’t actually believe that Iowa is the arm pit of the Midwest.  In fact, as a political consultant, it is the center of the universe every four years.  Go McCain!  Go Romney!  Go Giuliani!  (Shameless plug for Republican hopefuls).  Besides if Pete Peterson isn’t going to apologize for lighting the BBQ with Jared Smith’s favorite tee shirt (sadly it was not a partyology shirt) then I guess no one has to apologize for past Gustie behavior.  However, if you are suffering from a guilty conscience from things said or not said, done or not done…(I know what you are thinking, come on this is a family newsletter now) then you should come to the reunion October 12-13.

Rather than try to weave more reasons to come to the reunion into long, nonsensical paragraphs, I thought I would just list a few:

If you ever wanted to see: Amy Dragland-Johnson have a beer, Ken Boyum take his shirt off (ladies you know who you are), Erin Mathern build a condo, Ryan Basye do …(family newsletter remember), Jon Koenigs play tennis, Sarah Luedtke married to Dave Jones ’95 with two of the cutest children ever, Grace Remy write a paper (I think she is still researching a paper from 1995) Emily Botten Kung Fu fight, Sarah Lobland Johnson call me Blowa, or if you just want to exchange baby and wedding photos (ladies you know who you are)…Join us at the reunion on October 12-13.

If you don’t know or remember any of the people in this letter all the more reason to attend.  Last year about 150 people showed up for the 1996 Class Reunion.  I know we can do much better than that.  Just think; it is the one time in the last decade you can see most of these people at something other than a wedding or baby shower.  And while it may not be as significant as those events, we can sure make it more fun.

Look forward to seeing everyone,

Noah Rouen

Reunion Update

As part of our 10 year anniversary, our class has made the goal of raising one year’s tuition at Gustavus for the Alumni Fund.  It’s hard to believe, but a single year at our alma mater now costs about $30,000 (worth every penny, don’t you agree?)!  Please consider Gustavus when you evaluate and budget your 2007 giving.  Now’s the time to donate and get your year end TAX DEDUCTION.

Erin Johnson Turner and Karla Ash Lien are the Reunion Event Co-Chairs and are working hard at finding a great place for our reunion venue Friday, October 12, 2007.  Stay tuned for the January class letter that should feature our place of celebration Friday night.  Saturday will be a more casual event on campus.

Class News


  • Alicia Johnson wed Mel Manley on September 3, 2005.
  • Andrea Cordes married Andrew Ruppert on October 8, 2005.
  • Martha Malinski married Scott Shoemaker on August 19, 2006.
  • Ryan Lamberty wed Marni Orthey on July 23, 2005.
  • Rachel Cox married Bradley Falkowski on June 18, 2005.
  • Travis Garms married Amy Logan on June 24, 2006.
  • Amy O’Donnell wed A. Alexanian on April 9, 2006.
  • Lisa Mueller married Kyle Christensen on April 21, 2006.


  • Alison Rucinski Goodwin and Geoff Goodwin ’96 welcomed a boy, Grady William, on March 27, 2006.  He joins big sister Angela (born in 2004).
  • Benjamin and Kristi (Shuck ’98) Kiehne welcomed, Jayce Harold, on July 10, 2005.
  • Karla (Ash) and Brian ’98 Lien welcomed baby boy, Elliot Asher, on July 25, 2006.
  • Aaron and Jennifer Gould Marshall and welcomed, Samuel Robert, on April 29, 2006.
  • Stacey and Brad Garry welcomed baby girl, London Irene, on August 8, 2006.
  • Jill and Tarek Lada’a welcomed baby girl, Piper Jumana on December 21, 2005.
  • Bradley and Rachel (Cox) Falkowski and welcomed a son, Tristan Bradley, on June 7, 2006.
  • Rich Johnson welcomed baby boy, Zachary Dale, on August 28, 2006 with wife, Holly.
  • Jill and Josh Swenson welcomed Jacob Erik on August 14, 2006.
  • Kristi Reidt Granacher and Jorg Granacher welcomed daughter Isabella Kristine on Feb 8, 2006.
  • Elaine Nelson Peik and Justin Peik welcomed baby boy, Anders Justin, on March 8, 2006.
  • Laura Ferrington Jones and Kenderick Jones welcomed, William Ferrington, on August 28, 2006.
  • Karissa Wicklander Kirvida and Wayde Kirvida welcomed baby boy, Ian James, on May 5, 2006.
  • Anna Lenz Sammelson and Rob Sammelson ’96 welcomed Andrew Erik on August 20, 2006.
  • Andrea and Erik Schroeder had baby girl, Maya, in 2004.
  • Chris and Kelle (Sauer ’96) Anderson welcomed son, Mitchell, on September 7, 2006.  He joins big sister, Betsy.
  • Kristin Ganyo Larson and Mike Larson welcomed son, Carter, on July 26, 2005.
  • Adam and Kathryn Durfee Zabell welcomed daughter, Jennifer Elizabeth, on January 6, 2006.
  • Daryl ’99 and Karin Foster Vavrichek welcomed baby boy, Bennett, on August 14, 2005.
  • Joleen Hubbard Turja welcomed Ethan Edwards on August 29, 2006 with husband Paul.

Changes in Employment

  • Alison Rucinski Goodwin is a financial analyst for 3M.
  • Jennifer Gould Marshall is finance Six Sigma Black Belt at 3M.
  • Ryan Lamberty is the athletic director at Southwest High School in Minneapolis.
  • Rachel Cox Falkowski is a 1st grade teacher at Kimberly Lane Elementary School in Wayzata.
  • Travis Sletta is visiting instructor of music at Gustavus.
  • Prinna Lundquist Boudreau is a technical writer for Katolight Corporation.
  • Jason McDonald is a night auditor for Canterbury Inn.
  • Tonsha McPherson Hokanson is a personal trainer for Dakotah Sport and Fitness in Prior Lake.
  • Erik Schroeder is practicing medicine at Alpine Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Amy Dragland-Johnson is a co-marketing manager for S.C. Johnson, Inc.
  • Anna Plocher is an account broker for Aon Risk Services New Zealoand Ltd, in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Ryan Rooney is vice president of Vendor Management and Sales and Acquisitions at Wells Fargo, and is the head coach of Iowa State Crew.
  • Lars Ericson, Morgantown, WV, is a senior scientist at ManTech International.
  • Karin Foster Vavrichek is a loan associate at Fidelity Bank
  • Tiffany Wild Mikolichek is a part-time manager of human resources at TCF Bank.
  • Sara Nelson Perfetti is a manuscript editor for Hazelden Publishing.
  • Joleen Hubbard Turja is a chief resident at the University of Minnesota, Department of Internal Medicine.

Further Schooling

  • Jason Groenewold is in the JD/MBA program at the University of Utah.
  • Prinna Lundquist Boudreau received a master’s of arts in English, technical communications in June 2006 from Minnesota State University, Mankato.
  • Erik Schroeder completed medical school in 20002, a family medicine residency in Ogden, Utah in 2005, and a primary care sports medicine fellowship at the University of Utah in July 2006.
  • Kathryn Durfee Zabell is a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University.
  • Jamie Vicha graduated from the Minnesota School of Business with an associate degree in paralegal studies in March 2006.

Campus News

Gustavus Designated an “All Steinway School”

Steinway and Sons, makers of what many would say are the best pianos, has added Gustavus to its “All Steinway Schools” list.  This is an exclusive list of just 66 colleges, universities, or conservatories in the world.  To be considered for the Steinway designation, a school must first have at least 90 percent of its performance, practice, and teaching pianos be Steinways.

Gustavus Excels in Fitness and Dining

Men’s Fitness magazine has named Gustavus as one of the top 10 colleges in America for fitness.  Among the things considered in the rankings were nutrition and dining choices, whether physical fitness is included in the curriculum, and availability of workout equipment.  They also examined individual student responses to questions on topics such as alcohol consumption, tobacco use, fast-food indulgence, and exercise habits.  On a related note, the Gustavus Dining Service was listed in the top 10 in a U.S. News and World Report survey on the best campus food in America.

Gustavus Alumni Professional Apparel

Check out the two new oxfords on sale online through the Gustavus Book Mark.  The Book Mark is offering a women’s and men’s long sleeve shirt in a variety of colors and sizes.  The shirt features an embroidered three crowns and Gustavus.  A great idea for holiday shopping for your favorite Gustie.  Check them out online only at

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

On Saturday, September 30, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletic Hall of Fame:  Deborah Jungwirth Borman ’87 - Volleyball, Tina Pulido Draper ’87 - Gymnastics, John Huepenbecker ’80 - Football, John Jambeck ’62 - Swimming, Deanne Sand Johnson ’89 - Tennis, Dick Kumlin ’55 (posthumously) – Basketball, Dan Prochnow ’78 - Golf, Jerilyn Ree ’88 - Basketball, and Stacey Rodman ’89 - Swimming.

Gustavus Legacy Award for Gustavus Admission

Mark Anderson, Vice President of Admission and Student Financial Assistance, is pleased to announce the Gustavus Legacy Award for new students beginning with the incoming class of 2007.  Renewable awards of $2,500 per year are given to new students whose siblings are current Gustavus students or graduates or whose parents or grandparents are Gustavus alumni.  Scholarship recipients must have a high school grade point average of at least 3.5 or an ACT of 26 or an 1170 (Critical Reading + Math) on the SAT.  For more information contact the Admission Office at 800/GUSTAVU(S) or email <>.

Upcoming Gustavus Events

  • Jacksonville Chapter Gathering – February 11
  • Orlando Chapter Gathering – February 13
  • Tampa Bay Chapter Gathering – February 15
  • Naples/Marco Island Chapter Gathering – February 17
  • Tucson Chapter Gathering – March 16
  • Phoenix Chapter Gathering – March 17
  • Sun City Chapter Gathering – March 18